Subaru Crosstrek 2018


The world wide web nowadays contains a lot of information about the fact that the Subaru brand, having little world popularity, has the exclusive trust of the buyer, who is looking forward to the start of the mass release of the new product - Crosstrek. An exceptionally new concept for approaches in the field of high technology, increased safety and aerodynamics. The Geneva Auto Show of the current year presented many new products from distant Japan, but the second generation of the Cross Track model was a real surprise. What is so attractive in the new concept?

Subaru Crosstrek 2018

  • The solution and features of the vehicle are truly modern, promising, interesting in many respects;
  • Completion and prices make it possible to judge the presence of one of the most significant factors - accessibility for most motorists in many countries;
  • The novelty was developed on the basis of the SGP platform, which made it possible to increase the stiffness coefficients. In the new body torsion rate increased by 65 -70%;

The size of the wheelbase is increased by 3, 0 cm, which has improved the stability of the turns and reduce the effect of sail.

About everything

Japanese carmaker Subaru presented the official price range of the second generation Cross Track, coming out in the closest time to the US car market. Release date is scheduled for early fall of this year. Officially, the start of sales in Russia today by the manufacturer is scheduled for next spring, which does not preclude the penetration of the car into the domestic market and through other sources.

The basic equipment in the European and Russian interpretation carries category XV and will be released on American highways at a price that is quite acceptable for this region and will cost the buyer no more than $ 22,800. USA. The car will be driven by a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 152 liters. from. , equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a continuously variable CVT variator.

During the testing of various levels of complexity, the novelty has received extremely positive feedback from experts in this field. Both motorists and professionals are unanimous in assessing the labor of Japanese engineers and designers. Despite the fact that the car has undergone a total restyling, it also radically changed from the inside.Photos on the official site allow much better to get acquainted with the changes in the exterior and interior improvements.

Appearance of new items

Subaru Crosstrek 2018

Fans of the Japanese car industry are well aware of the commitment of designers from the Land of the Rising Sun to use the type of a predatory, powerful and bloodthirsty beast. The creators of the new Cross Track remained no less consistent in their traditions, which is also clearly seen from the spy photos. Features of this crossover deserve special attention:

  1. The compact version of the 2018 model year has become much more dynamic, more aesthetic, and does not differ in terms of size, which has become the most newfangled modern trend;
  2. In motion the car is driven by the synchronous operation of all four wheels against the background of a huge ground clearance;
  3. The updated crossover has an excellent combination of the most indicative data - exquisite appearance, quality, technical indicators, the use of the most promising technologies.
  4. Safety specifications are significantly improved by applying a new design of LED front lights, the harmony of the geometry of the outlines and modern design.


Car length cm 446, 50
Body width cm 180, 00
Height cm 161, 50
Base cm 266, 50
Clearance cm 22, 00

Salon and its equipment

The new Subaru Crosstrek 2018 model year.Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Here, too, everything is classically reserved, at the same time modest and elegant, which exactly corresponds to the tradition of Japanese masters. The basic principle of solving the model's cabin is the spaciousness and comfort for five tall passengers. Test drive showed the reliability of all components and options that are present in the interior of the cabin:

  • Innovative modern design multifunction steering wheel, placed the modern and easily readable instrument panel.
  • Complex multimedia with an excellent touch screen.
  • The set of monitoring systems, navigation, tracking the road and gray areas, typical for most cars in this category.

The car received a luggage compartment of 310 liters. if necessary, it will be upgraded to the cargo area up to 1270 l. volume.


The new Subaru Crosstrek 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Powertrain of 1, 6 l. designed for the consumption of gasoline with a capacity of 114 liters. from. max speed 187 km / h, synchronized with the Lineartronic variator. Gasoline engine of 2, 0 liters 150 liters. from. and diesel, volume 2 0 l. power 147 liters. from. A great option for fans of quality, power and speed.

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