Studio apartment. Advantages and disadvantages

The concept of Studio came to us from America, where in the 20s of the last century, studio apartments were fairly low-cost housing, which was especially popular with students and young people. And this is understandable, because in a small area of ​​space there were at the same time a room, a kitchen, a shower, and sometimes a bathroom.

Experts define the concept of a studio apartment as a room that is not divided by rigid partitions and does not have doors (of course, except for the entrance doors and the bathroom). Studios in the former Soviet Union have never been built, either before the revolution or in Soviet times.

Even in modern construction, such projects of premises have never been laid initially. In most cases, the construction of housing partitions still done.

In the post-Soviet space, studio apartments have become fashionable, most likely not because of their convenience, but as a tribute to foreign fashion. People wanted to make their housing more modern, and somehow change the usual living standards.

You can not hide that a studio apartment has a number of positive properties. For example:

1) the absence of partitions and corridors allows you to more fully use the entire area of ​​housing and to achieve greater functionality of a small apartment;

2) studio apartment - a great option for lonely people, young couples who have no children, as well as people who often host guests;

3) the layout of such an apartment makes it easy to complete the whole interior in one style, for example, minimalism or high-tech;

4) such a room is well suited for artists, musicians and creative people, allowing in one space to combine both housing and workshop;

5) a studio apartment is also suitable for music lovers and lovers of spectacular viewing of films, since it is possible to place acoustic devices in it correctly.

But the studio apartment, in comparison with ordinary apartments, has many disadvantages. So,

1) there is no limited private space in the studio apartment, so it is impossible for a large number of people of different sex and age to live in it;

2) if a baby appears in the family, then a studio apartment will not be suitable for a family, as after a couple of years the child will need at least a small, but still separate room;

3) when food is prepared in the kitchen of such an apartment, or someone recently visited the bathroom, smells spread rapidly throughout the apartment;

4) a studio apartment does not allow to localize the animal, so that the dog, who came from the walk, will spread dirty traces throughout the apartment;

5) smoke lovers will have to do it only on the balcony, otherwise the smoke will “hang” for a long time in the apartment;

6) not all apartments lend themselves to reorganization into a studio apartment. In houses with apartment houses, it is possible to do this, but in large-panel buildings, the transverse walls are usually load-bearing, so no one will allow you to dismantle them;

7) considerable funds will be required for the demolition of partitions, restoration work, alteration of electrical wiring, installation of lighting, alteration of the water supply and sewage systems;

8) the heating and ventilation scheme of the studio apartment will require re-equipment, since drafts are more frequent in such a room than in ordinary apartments;

9) very often it takes so much money to agree on redevelopment, permits, repairs and design work that they could cover the difference between the cost of a one- and two-room apartment;

10) in new houses, redevelopment is legitimized easier and faster, and if the house is monolithic, then you can do without them, but usually there is no lack of space in such houses, so rebuilding the room in a studio apartment is not rational.

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