Stretch ceiling. Advantages and disadvantages

Stretch ceiling, reviews of which indicate the presence of both advantages and disadvantages, is still inferior in popularity to suspended ceilings. Today, however, many designers prefer to use this particular finishing option. Let's try to figure out what advantages will get the owners of the room with a stretch ceiling, and what should be feared during its operation.

Pluses stretch ceiling:

  1. The surface of the ceiling becomes perfectly smooth without any prior preparation.
  2. Installation of the usual stretch ceiling, except for the options "Starry sky" with numerous LED lamps from optical fiber, takes no more than three to four hours.
  3. Stretch ceiling can regain shape even after serious deformation.
  4. If you attach the frame of the stretch ceiling not to the wall, but to the floor slabs, then the loss of the height of the room will be only 3-5 centimeters.
  5. After installing such a system there is no debris, stains and drops on the walls, you can install a suspended ceiling after the design of the walls and the floor.
  6. The choice of textures and shades is limited only by the existing color palette.Stretch ceilings, photowhich clearly show all the richness of choice, can be matte and glossy, bright yellow and rich blue, maroon and brown, pale green and creamy, almost any. Stretch ceiling can turn into a real starry sky, it can appear on the clouds, the sun, a beautiful landscape or animated pattern.
  7. PVC film stretch ceiling is not afraid of moisture - if you flood the neighbors above, elastic, but a strong ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 square meter. It just stretches, keeping the water inside. The call of specialists who will carefully detach one edge from the frame, siphon water and with the help of a heat gun will again stretch the canvas, will help to eliminate the consequences of the flood without a trace. Walls and floors will not be affected.
  8. Stretch ceiling allows you to equip the system spot lighting. Install the lamp using special insulating inserts (plates, rings or "glasses"). Wiring is perfectly hidden behind the stretched PVC film.
  9. The weight of the stretch ceiling for a room of 30 square meters will be only about 10 kilograms.
  10. Stretch ceiling does not need to be painted and plastered, care for it is periodically wiped with a damp sponge. At the same time, cleaning is often not necessary - dust repels such coating.
  11. Before installing the stretch ceiling does not need to remove furniture from the room.
  12. Warranty life of the stretch ceiling is 10-15 years.

Cons of stretch ceilings:

  1. PVC foil is easy to damage with hard and sharp objects. For example, if you decide to replace the eaves on a window and accidentally hit the blade with a sharp end, there will be not just a scratch on it, but a noticeable hole. If children decide to shoot at the ceiling with a bow or machine with plastic balls - the stretched canvas can also suffer. A hole or scratch can be closed with a special sticker, for example, an asterisk or a circle. But, firstly, such a “patch” will still be visible, and secondly, the canvas will lose its “anti-flood” properties.
  2. Install a suspended ceiling without specialists will not work, we need special equipment and experience.
  3. PVC film does not tolerate cold, it becomes brittle even at zero temperature, and at minus 20 it will simply collapse.So on the balconies, loggias and in unheated cottages stretch ceilings can not be used.
  4. Requires pre-order ceiling strictly according to the size of the room.
  5. The presence in the room of additional corners, protrusions, niches increases the cost of the stretch ceiling.
  6. If the stretch ceiling has level drops, soaring vaults or protruding figures, then arranging one such “step” will increase its value by about 50%. If the canvas depicts the constellation of Scorpio or the ocean beach, then the price of a stretch ceiling can rise six times compared to a simple, unadorned surface.
  7. If the neighbors flood you with not just water, but sewage, then spots may remain on the canvas.

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