Stomatophyte in pregnancy: can I take the drug?

Jul 04, 2018

Absolutely safe medicines for pregnant women do not exist

With highly developed technologies, there are no absolutely safe drugs in the world, especially for children and pregnant women.Stomatophyte, a product of plant origin, is often recommended by doctors with oral diseases in pregnant women, as a safer means.


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Stomatofit: instructions for use

Stomatofit - preparation made on the basis of herbs with healingThe strength of these plants, which have the strongest effect on the body.

produced Stomatofit Stomatofit A and as an extract of plant-based such as:

  • chamomile( flowers);
  • sage( grass);
  • thyme( grass);
  • oak( bark);
  • AIR( root);
  • thyme( herb);
  • mint( grass)
  • arnica( grass).

Ethyl alcohol and glycerin are used as additional ingredients.

This treatment medication helps 100% if all the recommendations in diseases such as:

  • parodontosis;
  • stomatitis;
  • fungal inflammation;
  • gingivitis;
  • gum bleeding;
  • glossitis;
  • serous and zoonotic inflammation.

It is important to remember that the Stomatophyte solution is prepared immediately before use and is applied only externally.
To prepare a solution of 10 milliliters of extract( measuring container is attached), dissolve in a quarter cup of warm water.In case of loss of a glass, you can use a tablespoon, 1 tbsp.Tincture for half a cup of water.

The scheme and frequency of treatment( this will be rinsing or applying a cotton swab dipped in solution) is determined only by the attending physician.

The drug Stomatophyte must be used three times a day

If the doctor has not appointed other indications, the oral treatment is carried out three times a day.In particularly difficult cases, the oral cavity is disinfected with an additional antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine or miramistin.

After the procedure, you can not take other medicines, drinks and food for half an hour.The useful life of the closed extract is three years;The finished solution is used immediately after preparation.

There is a misconception that you can store all medicines in the refrigerator.Stomatophyte should be stored in a dark place, at room temperature.

If you suddenly have mixed bottles and drink undiluted extract, it should take immediate enterosorbent and seek medical advice.

Stomatophyte is a preparation that gives a 100% result with strict implementation of the doctor's recommendations.The drug is sold without a prescription, but it should be used only after consultation with the dentist.

Stomatofit pregnancy

Pregnancy - not a disease but a normal healthy woman, but in this period there is a complete overhaul of the body.Immunity may decrease, and unforeseen health problems that previously did not bother arise.Sometimes, especially in the first half of pregnancy, a woman experiences unpleasant feelings in the mouth, which often end with inflammation of the mouth and even the appearance of sores.

During pregnancy, women experience attacks of fungal diseases, among them candidiasis.A unique preparation perfectly copes with fungal diseases and therefore doctors prescribe Stomatophyte during pregnancy.

The risk of harm to the pregnant and future children is minimal in the implementation of all recommendations and familiarization with contraindications.

Short-term procedure ensures that the components of the drug do not fall into the circulatory system, so the baby does not suffer at the same time.

Removal of the tooth, and then the formation of flux, and further stomatitis and other diseases is more dangerous in pregnancy than treatment with Stomatophyte.

The medicine had a positive effect for many people

Stomatophyte: reviews

According to reviews Stomatophyt for many patients became a wand-zashchalochko.Some patients regularly suffer from inflammation and bleeding gums.Unpleasant symptoms occur in the off-season, when the weather and air temperature change.When using this drug, relief comes in 2 days.

Girls during pregnancy sometimes have to undergo an operation to remove the tooth after the formation of the flux.Stomatophyte in such situations is appointed in parallel with antibiotics, as a result - the tooth heals very quickly.

The disadvantage of the drug is that the drug has an unpleasant taste.The presence of tannins in the preparation can sometimes change the color of tooth enamel for a short time.

Sometimes there is a slight burning sensation in the mouth due to the presence of alcohol and glycerin in the extract, but this unpleasant feeling quickly passes.As noted in the reviews, some categories of people should be careful and cautious.

First of all, you should carefully read the composition of the drug to people suffering from allergies.Even if this is one dangerous plant for you, the drug is prohibited.

It is not recommended to use the extract for children under 6 years old, proceeding from the fact that at this age the child does not control himself, he does not know how to rinse his mouth without swallowing the solution.

You can not use Stomatophyte with a pregnant and lactating breast without consulting a doctor.

The preparation can be replaced by other analogues

Stomatophyte: analogues

The composition of the dentifite includes several components of plants, these can be flowers, leaves and bark.To its softening and anti-inflammatory effect Stomatophyte is obliged to the flowers of chamomile, sage leaves and oak bark.Due to the acceleration of regeneration, the inflammatory processes lose their intensity, and the mucosa softens.

The unique preparation is rich with tannic and ethereal substances, promoting antimicrobial and fungicidal action.

If, for some reason, you are not suitable for dentaphyte, it can be replaced by analogs:

  • Rotokan is an identical preparation for the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, in parallel it is prescribed and with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Anginophytus not only acts as an anti-inflammatory drug for the oral cavity, but also for the throat.It is taken with paronondontitis, gingivitis, laryngitis and angina.
  • In case of toothache as a result of caries, Denta will help.
  • Diclorean will quickly relieve pain, but its use should be limited to pregnant women.
  • The inflammatory process in the gums and oral mucosa will stop the Kamident, which is indispensable in the painful eruption of wisdom teeth.
  • Infectious genesis will defeat and remove gum disease Kamistan.
  • Chronic periodontitis and paradental diseases are indications for the use of Maraslavin.
  • Poliminerol is prescribed for amphodontosis and gingivitis.
  • Qualitative analogues are such drugs as Salvin, Solcoserin, Streptourazole, Pharyngin, Phytodent.
  • Tooth drops do not lose their popularity for many years.

If there is no possibility to buy the drug in a pharmacy, traditional medicine will help.Infusion of the bark of oak, decoction of herb St. John's wort or sage leaves will help to remove the inflammation even for a short time.

Whichever analogue of Stomatophyte you choose, it must be agreed with the doctor.

Stomatitis is a rapidly developing disease

Treatment of stomatitis

Stomatitis is a very insidious, rapidly occurring disease.The causes of this disease can be completely unpredictable factors.

Mechanical damage to the tissues of the gums or oral mucosa, if the wound is not immediately disinfected, can lead to a prolonged and purulent inflammatory process.

When choosing a toothpaste, you should carefully read the composition, because the content of lauryl sodium sulfate often leads to the appearance of stomatitis or aggravates an already existing "sleeping" inflammatory process.

Improper nutrition, poor oral care, lack of vitamins, bad habits in the form of smoking and alcohol abuse, allergies and even severe stress can cause stomatitis.

The process of the disease begins with a small painful reddening, around which a red ring with an ulcer in the middle is subsequently formed.For a couple of hours, such ulcers may appear several, there is a trailing pain, the temperature rises.

Treatment of stomatitis is reduced to disinfection, pain relief and inflammatory process.The fastest way to get rid of stomatitis is the use of ready-made drugs, one of the most active among them is Stomatophyte.

First of all, you should choose a medicine that has an anesthetic effect to relieve pain.The presence of lidocaine, calanhoea juice, benzocaine in extracts and even toothpastes has an instant anesthetic effect.

Hydrogen peroxide, Metrogyl denta, rinse aid with bigluconate chlorhexine will help to disinfect sores and accelerate their healing.

Folk remedies, many of which are always in the house, also cope well with stomatitis.Chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula, cooked in the form of infusions, should be applied every hour, it is desirable to alternate herbs to achieve a better effect.

Some patients at the first signs of the disease wipe the wounds with baking soda.

You can learn about the disease of stomatitis from this video.

In the treatment of both medicamental and folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a dentist in order not to miss a more serious disease.

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