Stolen Princess - Cartoon 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018 (in Ukraine)
  • Country of Origin: Ukraine
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy, comedy
  • Producer: Oleg Malamuzh
  • Cast (voiced): will be approved later

In 2018, the cartoon “The Stolen Princess” will be released. In part, it will be based on the famous fairy tale of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin "Ruslan and Lyudmila". Interesting?

Studio Animagrad

For 2018, the release of two Ukrainian cartoons, produced by the efforts of Animagrad animation studio, is planned. One of them, in fact, "The Stolen Princess" (in the original - "Vikradena Princess"; the name for the international hire - The Stolen Princess), while the second - "Mavka. Forest song.

However, according to rumors, the release of “Mavki” may move to 2019, since the creators of “Forest Song” want to present the viewer with a truly finished product, for which no one will be ashamed. But now is not about that.

Studio Animagrad is extremely well known to the Ukrainian audience at least by the animated series “Fairy Rus”.This is, so to speak, the sarcastic political project of the showman Vladimir Zelensky, who is a key figure in Studio Quarter 95, in particular, and Ukrainian humor in general.


Up to this point, the Animagrad studio has also participated in the development of the animated series “Eskimoska”, designed to arouse interest in the knowledge of the world among the youngest children. This is a kind of interactive learning show.

In addition, many other projects for children have already grown from under the wing of animagrad, and in the future, the company’s employees will have to develop a number of other creations that must necessarily find a response from the widest possible audience.

One of these should be just the same "The Stolen Princess". This cartoon will be fully implemented in three-dimensional computer animation. Project genre - fantasy with elements of a fairy tale. However, unless the fictional motives were not originally laid out in fantasy?

Producers say that their project is not just a beautiful picture, full of all the best that can be found inside any good fairy tale, but also a lot of humor, scattered throughout history and the stated plot, incredible adventures and an indescribable amount of magic. Something like this.

By the way, one of the producers of the cartoon is Yegor Olesov, who is also responsible for the upcoming Mavka. Among his past works is the life drama “Under the Electric Clouds” by Alexey Hermann Jr. and the military drama "Battle of Sevastopol."

The total budget of the project is about 100 million hryvnia, which in dollars is about 4-5 million.

Director and screenwriter of the cartoon

Director of the cartoon, which is based on the immortal poem of Pushkin, Oleg Malamuzh was appointed. Note that for him this work will be the absolute debut in the movie.

Vicradena princess

But the script for the future animation work, which in the initial stages of production was called simply: “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, will be written by Jaroslav Wojcieszek. This man had previously composed a story for the adventure fantasy "Watchdog", which will be released in October 2017. He was also instructed to film and “Forest Song”, one of the most outstanding works of Ukrainian literature, invented by Lesia Ukrainka.

The main task of Yaroslav Voitsezek while working on the Princess is to prove that love is stronger than magic.To convey to the viewer such a simple and understandable idea, it seems to him it will be easy.

The cast of the project

The cast will be approved later. Who will voice the role of the main characters will be known over time. For now we can only draw your attention to the fact that the release of the film is planned in three versions at once: the Ukrainian version, the version for the Russian-speaking population and the version with the English dubbing (or dubbing, if you wish).

Stolen princess

By the way, initially the cartoon was made, in fact, in English, and the characters of the characters did not help the last people in Hollywood to work through. Subsequently, most likely, Hollywood stars of the first magnitude will most likely take over the finished movie.

Adventure love story plot

The plot will take the most important thing from Pushkin - the plot. This is almost an issue. Where he leads the viewer during the viewing, we still know little about it.

If you recall the poem of Alexander Sergeevich, then there Lyudmila, the daughter of the noble prince of Kiev, was married. Her choice was Ruslan. But suddenly, to the delight of his rivals, Lyudmila disappears, and everyone rushes to find her.Subsequently, Ruslan, in search of her sweet and beloved bride, will meet the formidable uncle Black Sea. This, if in brief.

According to the plot of “The Stolen Princess”, which is known to us by this moment, we can say the following: Ruslan is a wandering artist, who turned out to be in Kiev during the times of brave warriors. He dreams of becoming a knight. Suddenly, on his way, he meets Mila, who falls head over heels in love. But this girl is the daughter of a Kiev prince. It seemed that the happiness of the two lovers was not so close due to the circumstances, but it was moving further away from them when Mila was abducted by the evil sorcerer Chernomor. Ruslan immediately set off in pursuit of his great love.

The stolen princess

From the trailer it is clear that Mila is in itself a girl who will not let herself be hurt. She fights with food, and this is her own struggle with excess calories. In this moment, you can easily recall the Disney masterpiece "Beauty and the Beast." At the end of the video in my head, the thought involuntarily runs over, and we could not see Tarantino’s motives here. Light ... In general, as you can see, all this sends us to humor, and this is good news. It all makes it so good ...

Separately in the history should be presented and Nestor the Chronicler. Well, and many other characters that dilute the drama and humor shown in those places where it is needed.

Release date cartoon

Date of release of the cartoon "The Stolen Princess" in the Ukrainian rental - March 7, 2018. According to rumors, the world premiere should take place simultaneously with the release in Ukraine.

The rights to show abroad have already been bought by both European producers, and Asian, and even African. Among the countries that bought the rights to the film are, for example, France, Germany, South Korea and China.

There is information that all viewers will have the opportunity to appreciate the efforts made by Ukrainian film makers when viewed in 3D. For example, a lot of people should definitely like a hamster.

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