Sticking ceiling plinths

Work on the ceiling plinths begins after leveling the walls and painting the ceiling at least once. The most asked question, which concerns the repair, refers to the order of sticking of the ceiling plinths and wallpaper. The answer is simple: focus on your skills. Of course, it is easier to start with wallpaper, and then glue the baseboards on them, in order to mask small errors. At the same time, centimeters of missing or extra space, which resulted from inaccurate measurements of the length of wallpaper strips, will disappear. To do this, you will need to choose a baseboard that has the necessary width. The disadvantage of the work in this sequence is that during subsequent repairs, for re-gluing the wallpaper, you will have to disassemble the ceiling plinth.

Thus, if you take into account the above nuances, you should pay attention to the fact that, being able to glue well wallpaper, you need to start with stickers skirting. In this work, it is good to use a special tool called a block.They produce cutting angular ends. However, you can work without it. This is possible when you have finished corner elements. Zaseku straight ends to perform quite simple. To do this, you can use a sharp knife or a high-quality hacksaw with a small tooth. It is also desirable to have a rubber spatula, used for mashing joints and removing excess putty.

After buying ceiling plinths, they should lie in the apartment, at least overnight. Only then you can mount them, that is, stick. This is necessary in order for these polymer products to adapt to the room temperature, despite the fact that they are not susceptible to deformation under the action of temperatures. Thanks to the "adaptation" they will not break when knocking.

For stickers such skirtings use a special acrylic glue. Before installation, you need to read the instructions, which are placed on the packaging of glue. It says that after applying it to the baseboard it is held for a few seconds, and then pressed against the surface of the ceiling or wall. After sticking on the baseboards, the glue should dry. Then begin to process the joints.Today, manufacturers offer a large range of putty, for colored skirting, too. When rubbing the joints you need to work very carefully, because there are unacceptable errors that can spoil everything. First, rub one joint, remove the remnants of the material and wipe the soiled plinth with a damp sponge. Do not press on the plinth with effort so that it does not get damaged. Ceiling plinths are widely used as a special element of the interior of the room, due to the fact that they are universal and aesthetic. A special merit of these products is their ability to hide the manifestation of cracks, which are inevitable at the junction of the walls and ceiling.

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