Specific repair in a country cottage

September 6, 2018
Home improvement

Repair work in a modern cottage has its own specifics, therefore, they need to be done in a completely different way than in a regular apartment. The point here is not only the complexity of the necessary activities. There are aspects that allow owners to show their imagination as much as possible, and at the same time get a dream home. The heat pump is the device for heating the house, which will radically change your ideas about modern technologies of heating the home and optimizes financial spending in the medium term.

Specific repair in a country cottage

What you need to take into account, intending to perform repairs in the cottage?

1. A large area, characteristic of the cottage, allows each room to use its own direction in the design. In the apartment it looks inappropriate. But in the cottage, where the rooms are spacious and separated by an impressive distance from each other, there will not be the impression of superfluous variegation. On the contrary: the cottage, all the rooms of which are decorated in the same style, looks too oppressive.

2It is better to abandon the doors to those rooms that do not require insulation. It is clear that in the private rooms of residents of the interior doors must be present. But in the common areas (with the exception of the toilet and bathroom) doors are not needed. Otherwise, the cottage will be similar to the administrative building - with a wide long corridor and many closed doors.

3. Repair communications preferably all over the house at once. Calculation of engineering systems goes to the whole house, it is difficult to replace any one link. After a breakdown, it is better to immediately double-check the entire heating system, water supply, gas supply and electricity. If this is not done, it will be necessary to live from one breakdown to another in different sections of communications.

4. Perform repairs in the cottage on their own should not try. If the owners have the money to build a large house, then they will surely find the means to carry out repairs by professionals. We have to work at height, prepare a large amount of materials, control the quality at once of many types of work. And it is also necessary from time to time to repair the roof, check the condition of plumbing and windows throughout the house.It is unlikely that there will be an owner who possesses all the listed skills.

Специфика ремонта в загородном коттедже

5. When planning a quote for the repair of a cottage, you should always add about 20% for insurance. Calculate costs in the repair of the cottage is very difficult. And they always turn out to be exemplary. So that the repair does not “stand up” somewhere in the middle, you should always have an airbag in the amount of about one fifth of the planned budget.

In general, the difficulties in repairing the cottage is enough. But to live in such a house is a pleasure. At least, if the repair is made with high quality.

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