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Pleasant little things help to create home comfort. Especially great when they are made with their own hands. If we are surrounded by things in which we put our soul, they will give us joy and charge with positive energy. Let's do these little things together! Today we will house houses of lovely soft toys, owls, which will delight the whole family with their looks.

For the manufacture of toys we need the pattern of an owl. Print the stencils or redraw the pattern, first on paper, then on fabric. Choose a material more tightly, so that crafts do not wear out too quickly.

owl pattern

owl pattern

owl pattern

owl pattern

owl pattern

owl pattern

The back and front of the crafts can be sewed by laying foam rubber or oilcloth fabric between them. So we will make very elegant pot holders for the kitchen. Such owls can live in your apartment, and can be an excellent gift to a loved one.

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