Sonic Dream Betrayal, why dream Treason in a dream to see

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What dreams of treason in a dream?

Traitor - If you have a dream of a traitor, beware of ill-wishers, you can be robbed (not necessarily in terms of money, they can steal your idea or your favorite woman). If you had a dream in which you see yourself as a traitor, do not commit rash acts that can hurt your loved ones.

Female dream book

What dreams of treason in a dream?

Betrayal - What dreams that betrayed you - beware of robbery. If in a dream someone considers you a traitor or you really become a traitor, then you don’t expect anything good from life in the near future, this is what your dream is about.

Betrayal - To see a dream about the treachery of friends - a sign that in reality you will be surrounded by their attention and respect. For lovers - this is the harbinger of a happy ending their romance.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

What dreams of betrayal of the dream book:

Traitor - If you have a dream traitor - then they want to rob you. If in a dream someone calls you a traitor, or you yourself know that you are a traitor, then in the near future do not expect anything good.

The dream of the medium Hasse

Dreaming Betrayal, to what?

Betrayal - Above you is matrimonial happiness; commit yourself - the risk of fire, loss of property; contribute - to make an unseemly act.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

What dreams of betrayal of the dream?

Betrayal - Above you - marital happiness - to do it yourself - fire danger, loss of property - to contribute - to make an unseemly act

Dream interpretation of healer Akulina

Dreamed of a Betrayal - what does dream mean?

You dreamed of Betray - In the near future your enemies will try to harm you. Imagine that you expose a traitor and kill him.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Dreamed of a Betrayal, to what:

To betray - you see in your dream that you are betrayed - in real life they will try to rob you. You yourself in a dream seem to betray - you will have friction with close people; you will either be in the minorityeither all alone.

Dream Interpretation E. Erickson

Dreamed of the Dreamer Betrayal, what is it?

To betray what is it?

1. They betray in a dream for a reason: it means that in reality a person subconsciously understands that he is being deceived. Most likely, someone else, but it happens that we ourselves fail the wrong behavior. Or we feel that our actions are not valued by others.

2. When in a dream we are betrayed and we clearly understand this, then most often in everyday life we ​​realize that this can happen, that is, we believe that there are traitors among those around us.

3. From a spiritual point of view, betray means to act like the apostle Peter with his convictions.

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Elk songs as a friend in good relations with me, stole my script, the concert I had to endure the number is 4.3, and it seems 7. Then I ran away and the girl with bright red hair, and the guy with the dark ones do not know who they are.
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I dreamed of Anya she betrayed us and she dreamed me just that day when we saw her things on my nightstand and she dreamed of me with sharp scissors in her hand and in another blue fabric and said in a demonic voice because we need it!
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I had a dream that my husband betrayed me with his ex-girlfriend ... and then I tried to get me back to myself .. what does this dream mean ???
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I dreamed that I came home from work to my beloved, and the door was opened by an absolutely alien family, and said that he had left, no one knows where.
such a dream often repeats, always a little differently, but the meaning is the same

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