Snud: knitting with knitting needles with diagrams and descriptions, new 2017-2018

Hello everyone, well, continue the theme of knitting. In the last note, we did cute and funny dogs who do not remember to look in. Now that it’s winter outside, I wanted to please you again with something unusual, such as a warm and beautiful scarf, under such an interesting name as Loud.

I think not, or rather, I am sure that many are already familiar with it. Indeed, recently he has filled in absolutely all the shops of our city, even now it is possible to find this jewel, not only on women, but also on kids and men.

And all because, all the same in the winter anywhere without such a luxurious object anywhere, and then you can get sick in earnest. Snud or otherwise it is called a yoke with ease will stick on your neck and shoulders, and maybe even cover your head, depending on which one you prefer.

I remind everyone that all the materials in this article are taken from free Internet sources.Therefore, if you have any suggestions write your comments, I will be happy to answer them. And yet, I promise you that after a while I will present you with crocheted models, so I recommend adding sat to your bookmarks and sometimes browsing so as not to miss the new and interesting.

We knit the novelty of this season with the needles knitting 2018

First of all, I immediately want to show you an awesomely chic dream; it fit in quite simply, that even a beginner can easily be ruled by this task.

But, for starters, I want to give you a table of sizes so that you can decide on the length, you can make your own length longer and shorter, respectively. Again, look, will you knit in two turns or one.

For beginners and people who are not very knowledgeable in this art, I propose to start work with yarn of different colors, now there is a lot of it, the choice is always there, even if you knit with a regular facial surface, such a masterpiece will be beautiful.

I propose to link the pearl pattern, it is very simple and should not cause difficulties, later in this article you will find the video.

Well, I could not get past this masterpiece, which is connected in purple tones, look how awesome it looks,just super, if you need a description and a diagram, then write below under the note, and by the way everything has a detailed step-by-step video, where each row is shown, and how each loop is tied, in general, tie exactly such beauty.

You can easily find this video yourself, but if you cannot write.

There is also a manual for this little blue miracle in my money box.

Schemes of knitting new 2017-2018 knitting needles

I want to introduce you to the models that I liked most, I hope that from this amount you will be able to choose the most suitable option for you, one that you will like exactly.

I used to do knitting, now to be honest, less and less, because I don’t have enough time, some other interests, but I still have savings, of course, these are clippings from newspapers and magazines, and publications from the Internet.

My favorite scenes and motifs are presented in these photos, if they are interested in you, please write me a comment at the bottom of the article and I will share with you the schemes of these new products for free. I absolutely do not mind sharing with you and giving you a bit of heat, because in principle you can find it all yourself, but I think that if you save time, it will be great. So, that's what I have.

On one site, I found a delightful collection, on which she herself knit a single LITTLE, there are also video materials.

And such knitting decors that you will certainly like too, I give right away with descriptions.

This is such a blue one, or you can knit it in any other color with a knob; you can also make a hat to it with a kit. Fashionable and cool combination will:

This gray-green is a little bit simpler:

By the way, now even men prefer such clamps, rather than scarves:

This classic version can be made in any colors that you choose will suit at least for the autumn, at least for the winter and by the way for your husband:

Here is a pretty interesting and voluminous scarf and wristbands.

You can knit one big pigtail and satin stitch.

Such a bright pink-tender shade will be well combined with a black coat.

Here is such white as snow, covering the head.

I can also recommend a pearl pattern, I remember often knitting it on blouses.

Video on how to knit a circular scarf

To all those who, at the very beginning of their work, offer to watch this video with a pearl pattern, just repeat all the stages of work and you will certainly succeed.

Snud pigtail knitting needles for beginners

The trend of the coming year is pigtails, and all sorts of different, those who know how to knit them, then you can take any option as a basis and knit it in the form of an unusual scarf, and a collar.

Choose any pattern and experiment.

A complex scheme was published in the journal Vesta, I have this note preserved.

Looks very impressive Celtic braid.

Here such a selection of diagrams and drawings is still possible for someone else.

Well, one more uncomplicated unisex variation is suitable for both girls and women of any age.

Knitting a scarf from different colors

I propose to look at such a wonderful creation in this small video, I hope that if you are looking for just such a palette of colors, you will like this look very much, all the more it is easier to knit on a clip than on a pattern. You know, this model looks spring, this time of year will come soon.

Hit of the season snud-yoke in two turns

I propose to link the seamless version in two turns, using such a normal pattern.

You can even knit in three turns, if your yarn is light and airy.

Or use the garter stitch.

Loose knitting from thick or thin yarn

In the country of moms, I found such sketches, I share with you, the pattern is two-sided.

Designations such empty cells - knit with facial loops, circles - purl loops.

You can knit from any thread of any thickness. Such a simple pattern, but rather beautiful, can be made in summer style.

You can use the picture of the royal braid.

Quite unusual and gently obtained.

Schemes and descriptions of new products 2017-2018

By the way, you can take absolutely any patterns and knit snoods, look at how such a wonderful pattern in the form of a chain will look, you just imagine.

It looks fun, is not it, the scheme is slightly different for this crimson yoke.

Here is another type of novelty pine cones.

And one more simple and very elegant snudik.

By the way, I saw such scarves with ears, but they were all crocheted, so expect a new article soon, be sure to share it))). The kids will definitely like this idea.

In gray shades you can make such a miracle.

Or anyone who loves openwork drawings, you can use this description.

Openwork scarf with knitting needles

It seems that the pattern on this model is not openwork, but it looks delicate, so it was brought here.

You can also knit yourself from an angora or other yarn.

If you are looking for a gentle and very soft version, then you will like this novelty, which is obtained without a seam and looks cool!

How to tie a scarf Loose English elastic band for a woman

Master class of this season's new models

You haven't seen anything like that. I think it turns out that stylists and fashion designers thought up how to make a blouse out of a scarf, you know it, how to make a skirt from an ordinary pareo, etc., they probably saw reincarnation.

So, this is what I am, see what a luxury modelka. Consider it to be two in one and a scarf-tube with pigtails and a cool vest.

Here's a plan.

You can use the herringbone.

Looks impressive squares.

Knit yoke for the girl with knitting needles

For young fashionable women it is better to knit a hat and a scarf in sets. I liked two of these children's options, it is in a pink tone and a hat with ears in the form of a kitten in blue.

It is possible to tie a little differently, use the same pattern on the cap. If you want, I will share this description with you, write, be sure to answer, by the way there is a movie.

Either you prefer this set.

I spread his scheme and descriptions right here.Yarn Silkhair Lana Grossa (70% superkid mohair, 30% silk).

At the end of this post, all the luck and good mood! Come to visit more often.

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