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SNIP. metal roof. The material from which the roofing of a residential building or an industrial facility will consist depends on your financial capabilities and wishes, as well as on the type of roof. Its durability on the roof will be related to the quality of the installation, the standards for which are given in the building as a standardized building roofing sheet. Consider the main points of the device roof profiled, the basis for which are general regulatory requirements.

Roof covering from a professional flooring

Pay some attention to the characteristics of this building material. Decking is produced from galvanized sheet by cold rolling. The profile in the form of a trapezoid or a wave is coated on both sides with a resistant, corrosion-resistant coating, which differs in color and application technology. Decking has several assignment groups:

  • bearing structures;
  • wall elements;
  • roofing material.

Each category has a height of corrugations (stiffener), metal thickness, designation.Corrugated with the designation C is used as wall material, H - roofing, NA - can be used both in roofing and in wall execution. In addition, profiled sheets can be produced with a different thickness of metal, but the same height. Profile length can be from 0.5 to 12 m. Attention. In most cases, a material with a profile height above 35 mm is used for roofing. And on roofs with a small length of the slope, a roof covering is used - a profile with a wave height of 21 mm and designation NS, N.

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