SMS greetings for the Old New Year 2017

New Year's holidays are just around the corner. Very soon the Fiery Rooster will rule the world. Many astrologers claim that this year will be memorable and will help people achieve their desired goals. The rooster is an important bird, therefore it is necessary to comply with it. Try to remember all the little things.

As for congratulations, even after the New Year, you can find something to congratulate your loved ones. For example, sendSMS for Old New Year 2017.

Old New Year comes at night - from January 13-14. On this day, our compatriots see off the Old Year, say goodbye to problems and hope that in the New Year will bring them more joy, success and, of course, will not deprive them of their love. And it is customary to conduct fortune telling for the Old Year to look into your future.

If you decide to gather with your whole family at the holiday table to spend the Old Year, you can report this to all your friends and acquaintances by SMS. By sending short verse greetings to each relative on the phone, you not only tell the exact time and place of the celebration, but also show the person that you respect and appreciate it.

Be original, write sms, invite friends, relatives and relatives and then your celebration will be the best!

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Let with this Old New Year
Good luck will come to you.
Money will not let even the account
Love reigns and happiness.

* * *

Year Old New you meet,
Today, my friend, do not miss.
Call friends, girlfriends, colleagues,
And let only laughter reign around!

* * *

Have fun and walk,
Spin the dance
And congratulations to each other
Happy Old New Year!

* * *

I wish in the Old New Year
Find your destiny.
Go all year only forward
Forgetting about the fuss!

* * *

I congratulate you from the heart
Happy Old New Year!
Rejoice, love, blossom
Under the peaceful sky!

* * *

I sow, I sow to thee,
To live in abundance.
In the Old New Year wish
You health, strength!

* * *

Health, wealth, happiness, luck,
Love and good luck, a lot of patience -
All the more sorry, I lost the account ...
I wish you a happy Old New Year!

* * *

Old New Year again,
Hurry to meet him.
I want you to wish
Good luck for the tail soon catch!

* * *

Happy Old New Year!
With Old New happiness!
Forget your worries
Have fun again surrender!

* * *

Old New Year - “Hooray!”
Waiting for everyone dancing until the morning.
Great fun for you
And so there was no hangover!

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