Smartphone Huawei P8: reviews, descriptions, specifications

The company Huawai is not the first time surprisingfans of thin smartphones. Representatives of the P series have an amazing design, but a weak filling, but the novelty has changed it radically. In the spring of 2015, the company introduced its offspring P8. What will surprise this device?


Huawei P8 Lite

The smartphone was pretty attractive. The use of aluminum and steel gives the device not only a share of solidity, but also strength. Attention was also paid to the front side of the device. The phone received a completely glass front part.

Special changes in the location of external parts are nothappened. The front side became a haven for the speaker, display, indicator and sensors. The control buttons are located directly on the display. The rear side got a camera, a flash and, of course, a logo. The right side placed on itself a volume control, card slots and a power button. On the side of the bottom is a speaker, a microphone and a USB jack. The connector under the headset is located on the upper end with a microphone.

All external elements are also made of metal. Housing solidly assembled, so to detect scratches and gaps impossible. The manufacturer stated that the device is made of a single piece of aluminum.

In general, the design of the device is stunning. Combining solidity and elegance in one device, the manufacturer also added unusual colors. Smartphone Huawei P8 can be found in colors such as champagne, as well as titanium gray.


Huawei P8 Review

Huawei P8 Lite acquired 13 megapixels withthe Sony module. In addition, the device received an RGBW matrix, image stabilizer, autofocus and many useful settings. The quality of the photo is excellent. The camera has the necessary sharpness and saturation of the image.

There is also a video recording in the device. The phone shoots HD movies with 30 frames per second. Accordingly, there is no doubt about the quality of the recording.

Equipped with Huawei P8 Lite and 8-megapixel front camera. This frontal will be a godsend for lovers of self-portraits. The front camera also has a lot of settings and different shooting modes.


Smartphone Huawei P8

Did not fail and the screen installed in Huawei P8. Overview will be pleased with the presence of a 5.2-inch diagonal with an IPS matrix. The smartphone received 1920 at 1080 pixels and 424 ppi. An interesting feature was the ability to work with the display in gloves.

The number of pixels corresponds to Full HDquality. The behavior of the device in the sun does not cause any complaints. The brightness is more than enough, and the display is almost blind. Pleases in Huawei P8 review of angles. Distortion of the image is not observed. In fact, one glance is enough to evaluate the best sides of the screen.


The device is equipped with a new HiSilicon Kirin processor930, which has two blocks of four cores with a frequency of 2.0 GHz and 1.5 GHz. It should be noted that the processor is 64-bit. The RAM is as much as 3 gigabytes. The role of the graphic accelerator in the device is performed by Mali-T628.

In general, the "filling" turned out to be excellent. It is noticeable that the manufacturer decided not to save on the hardware and install all the best in its flagship.

The situation with our own memory is not bad either. The device got 16 gigabytes, but a bit more than 10 GB is available. Expansion with a flash drive is possible up to 128 GB, but there is a drawback here. To install a memory card, the owner will have to give up one SIM card.

The smartphone turned out pretty powerful. The hardware part will cope with absolutely all programs and modern games. The only thing is, the phone heats up a little at a heavy load.


The smartphone is running on Android 5.0 and will soon be able to upgrade to 6.0. The user will easily install the new version through FOTA or custom firmware.

Above the system is the company interface EMUI3.1. The shell is perfectly optimized and works fine. Unfortunately, there is no separate folder for applications, and the programs are located directly on the desktop.


There are also small shortcomings. The device has, definitely, a small battery capacity, total 2680 maH. For the middle class this would be enough, but for an advanced flagship is not enough.

At average use the battery will last hours8, but active work will shorten her life to four hours. This is a pretty bad indicator especially for the flagship. Worse position and a non-rechargeable battery. The only option is careful use of the charge and saving on the brightness of the display.


Together with the device there is a set of elements familiar to the modern flagship. In the box of the device are a headset, adapter, USB cable, instruction, as well as a clip for sim cards.


Huawei P8 price

Several cool down the fuse value of Huawei P8. The price fluctuates around 18-30 thousand rubles. Of course, the cost is much lower than that of competitors, in fact, this device is attractive.

Positive reviews

An incredible number of advantages makes the Huawei P8 attractive. The owners' comments mark a rich and bright display. The high resolution almost saved the display from pixel.

A nice detail was the reliability of the smartphone. Users note the excellent assembly and the absence of extraneous squeaks. Although this is not surprising with such a detailed design study.

Do not leave indifferent and the hardware part of Huawei P8. Reviews highlight the performance and speed of the device.

A nice feature was the well-optimized shell. Very often the device hangs because of the proprietary interface, but in P8 this is no problem.

Lovers of pictures liked the camera device. A lot of additional functions and detailed settings contribute to high-quality photos.

An equally important quality is a rather low cost for the flagship. The price is more than democratic and can incline many users to Huawei.

Negative feedback

huawei p8 reviews

Unpleasant moment was the battery Huawei P8. Reviews report on the dependence on the outlet. Some owners noted that the device does not accept car charging.

There is also a smaller defect in Huawei P8. Reviews of the owners are puzzled because of the need to sacrifice a sim card for the sake of a flash drive. A similar problem can be solved only by choosing the 64 GB version of the device.

The result

We can say that Huawei foundperfect balance of functionality, design and cost. In the novelty there is everything that is necessary even for the most experienced user. Undoubtedly, P8 will find many fans.

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