Slavic wedding rings - myth or reality?

When studying the paganism of the ancient Slavs, withclarifying the roots and depths of folk memory during the first millennium of our era academician archeologist BA Rybakov explored the emergence of religious mythological ideas. He carefully studied both folk charms and paganism in urban life, as well as rituals and festivities. Slavic wedding rings are described very briefly. Although the rings found in the graves are given some space.

What were the real rings?

As Academician B.A. Rybakov, on these smallest adornments the idea of ​​the macrocosm, which should protect the micro world of the girl, comes forward. Wedding symbolism, which is applied to the Slavic wedding rings, is three crosses or three suns, or two crosses and the sun in the middle. This technique shows the movement of the heavenly body from dawn to the middle of the day and from noon, its highest point (which the pagans worshiped), to the sunset. Such were the wedding rings with Slavic symbols found in the burials. Nothing more venerable scientist on the rings does not say.Slavic wedding ringsBefore you is a photograph of real Slavonic rings of the 13th-19th centuries.

Wedding charms of the ancient Slavs

The most complete set of amulets BA Rybakov describes as follows:

  • Quietly sitting bird (is it in the nest?).
  • Two spoons.
  • Saw-shaped object (the jaws of a predator).
  • Key.

Their meaning is as follows: the bird has a family nest, spoons intended for a couple, express the desire to be full, and if wider, it means well-being in general. The symbolism of the key is the safety of family property. The jaw of a predator is the oldest amulet, which drives away all evil from man. Slavic wedding rings with a wedding ringleader are not mentioned. The term "wedding" in its two-volume study is missing. We have to come to the conclusion that this is a mythology, created already in our time. It is, of course, beautiful, but in reality it is quite far from the truth.

Mythology of the XXI century

Lack of faith - fluctuations from monotheism topolytheism - in the present days is replaced by the creation of wonderful fairy tales. This does not mean that they should not exist. Let them be, but to take them seriously is the height of naivety. So is the Slavic wedding rings. Let there be.Slavic wedding rings weddingJewelers make them exceptionally beautiful,figured. And if we recall Buddhism, then it assumes that every person exists in his own world. And if he believes in him, then it means he is. If you believe in Slavic wedding rings as amulets, then perhaps they will become them. This is similar to the placebo effect. We drink, as we were told, a medicine, but in fact something useless, but it works, and the person feels better for a while.

What do the present tales say?

Modern creators of myths have a richfantasy, certain information on the history, which they turn out, as they want, and the knowledge of the archetypes of Jung. Therefore, in their tales it is difficult to single out the truth and harmless invention. Here, for example, they write that the patterns were not applied to the Slavic wedding rings. The wedding symbol is a special symbol - a powerful amulet. It was required to preserve love (and in ancient times, marriages for love, recall, were rare, they were mostly based on calculation), and the interaction of births, and harmony in the marriage union. Here is a photo in front of you - a ring with a wedding, consisting of not closed eights.Slavic wedding rings with a weddingThe figure eight is reminiscent of the sign of infinity, which,according to the authors, should mean the invariance of the ongoing processes. But the absence of change is stagnation and stagnation. Is it good? Should not young people be active, energetic and open-minded, actively influencing the surrounding reality? In other words, promote progress and own development.

What else can you find in myths?

Some offer to give Slavicwedding rings to lonely people raising children to save family energy. Other authors, on the contrary, are categorically against such a gift, since a person will forever remain alone, a person should not unite with loneliness. Here, the simple question is, what will you believe in yourself, what kind of peace after such a wedding gift will you create rings with Slavic symbolsThis leads to a simple idea - "yes, that's all!". Such rings and a wedding are not significant in themselves, but only reveal our subconscious.


To give beautiful engagement rings with symbols andwithout it you can and should. But to attach great importance to this is not worth it. The main thing is pure and kind relations, internal communication, which in the family is united by a single goal. Then life will flow quite harmoniously.

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