Slavic calendar for 2019

In our time, the eastern horoscope is very popular. He has become accustomed to us, and is so ingrained in everyday life that it is difficult to imagine some other characteristic of each coming year.

This is rather strange, as domestic esoterics believe, because the fashion of the Chinese horoscopes, the Slavic calendar was completely forgotten. And it is no less accurate and detailed, and carries interesting facts.

Such a horoscope, like the eastern one, consists of a circle of totemic animal patrons, whose properties and features are endowed with the corresponding year. That's just not 12, but as many as 16, that is, one cycle lasts sixteen years.

Features of the Slavic calendar and horoscope

Interestingly, the Slavic cycle calls not only an animal, but also a characteristic action for it, thus adding mysticism and significance to its totem. The annual circle, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, consists of the following signs:

2019 on the Slavic calendar

  • Dark Soh;
  • Stinging hornet;
  • Lurk Lut;
  • Fire veksha;
  • Pearl Pike;
  • Bearded Toad;
  • Wild boar;
  • White Owl;
  • Hissing Already;
  • Crouching fox;
  • Curled up hedgehog;
  • Soaring eagle;
  • Spinning Mizgir;
  • Screaming Rooster;
  • Tour Golden Horns;
  • Firemane Horse.

Since the calendar was compiled for more than one century, it contains the outdated names of some animals unfamiliar to modern humans.

So Dark Sokh is an elk, and the wolf, who was a fierce predator, used to be called lyut. The mysterious veksha turns out to be a squirrel, and the mysterious little red beast is a forest spider.

When we learned a little (or remembered) a year cycle, native to our latitudes, a logical question arises: 2019 which animal year is in the Slavic calendar? Already next January, the Soaring Eagle comes into its own.

what year is 2019 on the slavic calendar

This image quite accurately describes the coming year: it will be relatively uncomplicated, and will lift many to unprecedented heights. Most people seem to have wings - someone from established romantic relationships, someone thanks to enviable successes in their work.

On the other hand, the eagle is a predator, whose survival and sustenance depend on successful hunting.So we will have to make double or even triple efforts to achieve and keep luck in the hands.

General characteristics of the year

This is a good time for discovery and self-discovery. As the eagle soars, inspecting its land, and we should look at the people and events around. Much around us is of paramount importance, which will be revealed precisely in 2019.

So the imperceptible colleague, with whom you greet every morning for the third year, will suddenly catch your attention and turn out to be the love of all life. Noticing, it seems, a minor error in the working papers, you will not only avoid problems, but also get a well-deserved advance.

2019 year of the soaring eagle

Having shown curiosity at the right moment, you will be able to discover a new hobby that will bring both moral and financial satisfaction. Therefore, attention and attention should be your faithful companions.

In the year of the soaring eagle can not be idle. Loss of time on the couch at the TV and idleness can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Someone aimless pastime will seem like a rest, but uncontrollable laziness, on the contrary, will entail apathy and health problems.

In the 19th year, make a bet on outdoor activities, travel and sports that will help you escape from work and problems, and will bring invaluable benefits to the body.

Work and personal life

2019 which animal year will bring

The patronage of the Eagle will contribute to the advancement in the field of career and money, so the remaining time and effort should be devoted to the family.

It is noticeable, or not, but our relatives will expect help and support from us, and their attention and care will be useful to us.

Try to make it so that in your work troubles you can’t forget about those who are waiting for you at home, and show them your love. Let it be just a gentle phrase, but she, too, is worth its weight in gold during this period.

Health horoscope

The soaring Eagle symbolizes health and longevity, but, as a resident of mountain heights, he is not used to stressful situations. It is nervous tension that will become an inexhaustible source of medical problems.

ancient Slavic calendar

Any conflict situation will podkashivat you and knocks down more than any other year. So, by all means avoid negative and stress, and once in trouble, keep your mind and heart cool. If it does not come out not to be nervous, take the necessary amount of time and finances for restoration.

Characteristic born in the year of the soaring eagle

The sign of the Eagle in the Slavic calendar correspond to the years 1939, 1955, 1971, 1987, 2003 and 2019.

This totem describes the wards as courageous and brave people, full of pride and self-esteem. More often, these qualities help them achieve what they want, and they like them.

Successful Eagles, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate their strengths and turn pride into pride and vanity, and courage into recklessness.

new year on the slavic calendar

It is especially important for them to maintain humanity, having achieved financial success and a high position, otherwise one day they may lose everything without the opportunity to turn to someone for help, because by this moment there will not be true friends by their side.

In general, born under the aegis of the Soaring Eagle, people are honest and loyal. They are family men, who are only in the joy of building a family nest and investing all their strength, money and time in it. They have magnetism and natural artistry, sincerely love life in all its manifestations.

These people are not devoid of the spirit of rebellion, but usually use it for their own personal purposes than for real revolutions.

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