Skoda Yeti 2019

Despite the fact that Škoda has become one of the most actively involved in the international market of automotive companies in Eastern Europe. Thanks to a successful partnership with the Volkswagen concern, they perfectly combine the cost acceptable for Eastern European, Russian, and former CIS countries to purchase cars that meet international requirements and standards.


On the development of the management model Skoda Yeti

Following the trend, noted almost worldwide, the developers of expensive classic and affordable, in the budget segment in recent years, devote all their efforts to improve the models already in use. Experts say that each new model is a well-designed and improved car that has already been rated by consumers.

Skoda Yeti 2019

  • Judging by the available photos and other official information, the Skoda engineering company is scheduled for 2018-2019 to produce a significant number of cars for various purposes;
  • Due to the direction chosen by the manufacturer to expand the proposed range of cars produced, the Skoda brand will be able to expand its consumer niche.
  • In the new body in the season 2018-2019 there will be models that will fill the segments that have not previously been mastered by the company and will be able to successfully compete with the best world models;
  • The next season will allow us to assess how successful the development of the joint team was in the direction of creating a universal car for traveling in special conditions, namely cross-country crossovers. Judging by the spy photos, the development of this direction in the form of Skoda Yeti is quite successful.

Even today, the Czech crossover "Yeti" with a well-known logo in the form of a flying arrow, wore a lot of fans and supporters. Among car owners, all the same, each new version is quite expected and interesting. The release date of the new concept to the international market is the coming months of the current year, the start of sales in Russia, according to the already established tradition, starts simultaneously with entering the home market. As usual, the model will expand the budget segment. Information from the manufacturer is the following - a premium package will cost the buyer no more than 1,300,000.0 rubles. What gets a car owner for their investment, let's take a closer look.


Skoda Yeti 2019

In the new variation, the manufacturer has carried out significant work to improve the front light. The front of the body is equipped with stylish modern optics with halogen-type emitters.

  1. The radically updated bumper contains a complete set of rectangular fog lamps of various sizes;
  2. Good feedback from experts received the design of the windshield, which allows to significantly increase the viewing angle;
  3. In combination with the perfectly developed angle of inclination of the driver’s seat and the placement of the steering wheel, the conditions for excellent visibility were created, as the test drive showed;
  4. Updated Skoda Yeti City has become more colorful, aggressive, thanks to bright plastic body kits and the use of colored non-metallic elements. Yeti Outdoor will remain exclusively black.

Yeti 2019 model year has the following dimensions, which are slightly increased compared with its predecessors.

Index Unit measuring Face value
Body length cm 440, 0
Width cm 184, 0
Height cm 165, 0
Wheelbase cm 257, 8
Road clearance cm 18, 0

The latest news is very interesting for fans of off-road driving. The MQB structure and individuallyorder it is possible to order an increased clearance to 21, 0 cm, which is very important on primers.

Interior options, design

New Skoda Yeti 2019 model year

So, the new concept of interior design "Skoda" is increasingly approaching the brand concept of "the king of restraint and simplicity" Volkswagen. For the buyer, different equipment and prices are offered; nevertheless, even the basic version has an elegant interior:

  • Individual development of the front panel, center console and door cards specifically for the Yeti;
  • The first photos of the interior allow to evaluate seven shades of trim, a new composition of the cabin, which allowed him to grow significantly;
  • Available folding the rear row, which gives a huge 1800 liter trunk.

The basic version has an adjustable steering column, heated seats and review mirrors, dual airbags, a cruise and improved climate control.

About motors

Technical characteristics of the nine proposed engines are also very attractive for a car enthusiast. Capacity in the range of 105 - 170 liters. from. , front and full drive, 6 tbsp. Manual transmission and 7 automatic transmission ranges. In the future, a hybrid.

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