Skoda Yeti 2018

The crossover is one of the most popular models on the modern car market. The technical advantages of this design are obvious and tested by many drivers in practice. Not surprisingly, the automakers annually produce from the conveyor more and more new lines of “SUVs”.

The 2018 Skoda Yeti is a great example of a modern urban SUV.

New Skoda Yeti 2018


Images of the prototype of the new Skoda Yeti, the release of which is planned for 2018, made many motorists look forward to news about the design and technical characteristics of the SUV with particular impatience. The company manufacturer until recently concealed the features of the model, fueling intrigue. In winter, you could see photos of camouflaged cars that the paparazzi managed to do during the tests.

Updated Skoda Yeti 2018 Design

But, more specifically to talk about the benefits of new products after the official presentation, held in Stockholm. Spectacular and dynamic Skoda has received a number of innovations, among which it is worth noting:

  • excellent driving characteristics;
  • new stylish design;
  • quality materials and items in the interior design;
  • Excellent functionality, taking into account the newest developments in the field of car electronics.

New 2018 Skoda Yeti SUV


After the release of the first model of the Yeti and the receipt of the “Family Car of the Year” award, the Czech manufacturer’s SUV moves away from non-standard design and returns to the typical exterior.

It is worth noting that the new Skoda is the rare case when a real car turned out even better than the concept presented earlier. The car, presented to lovers of the Skoda brand in Stockholm. The exterior of the Skoda Yeti is similar to the equally popular 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover model.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2018New Skoda Yeti

But, despite the similarities with the Volkswagen and Audi car brands, the Skoda retains the lines and features peculiar to the corporate brand. The front of the car is decorated with a powerful grille. Above is a sculpted hood that, in combination with LED headlamps, creates an excellent visual effect.

The basis for the creation of a new generation Yeti SUV was the MQB platform.

MQB platform

The automaker plans to launch cars of different price categories on the market:

  1. Active - initial equipment, which can be extended with additional options for a fee.
  2. Ambition is a more functional model, the owners of which will have access to an extensive list of modern optional equipment, including rain and light sensors, parking sensors, as well as electric tailgate.
  3. Style - the flagship equipment in addition to all the advantages that are present in the Ambition version will appreciate the possibility of using adaptive cruise control.

As additional options, Skoda Yeti manufacturers offer:

  • panoramic roof;
  • leather interior;
  • innovative navigation system;
  • electric front seats with memory;
  • tire pressure sensor;
  • adaptive headlights;
  • rear side airbags.

Skoda Yeti 2018


Official representatives of the Czech company said the following: "The model will look beautiful and will preserve the ideals of the brand."

Skoda Yeti 2018 interior

Experts predict a spacious interior and high practicality, which are characteristic of all cars from the Czech Republic. Detailed information, especially photos, is not yet publicly available. The developers promise an increase in the luggage compartment, which now stands at 416 liters, and when the seats are folded, it increases to 1,760 liters.

Trunk Skoda Yeti 2018

The cabin will include all the latest control systems, the extensive functionality of which will make driving even more comfortable.


A lot of knots of a design of a new Yeti are borrowed from Volkswagen Tiguan. This model has found popularity with customers and has established itself as a reliable and high performance. Therefore, Skoda applies available technologies in its own project.

The line of engines of Yeti 2 generation includes powerful diesel engines of 2 liters. There is a brief hint from the manufacturer for the release of hybrid engine options.

A type Volume Power Overclocking Consumption
Petrol 1.6 l 110 hp 11.5 seconds 6.5 liters
Turbocharged gasoline 1.4 liters 125 hp 10.5 s 6.5 liters
Petrol forced 2.0 l 150 hp 7.7 seconds 8.0 l
Turbo diesel 2.0 l 150 hp 9.2 s 6,0 l

That diesel units will become the base of the transmission model produced. The power of the motors is still unknown, but most likely it will be identical to the Tiguan. It is expected that at least 1 modification will have an electric motor. The company has long been trying to create a powerful hybrid engine for other models. Probably, it is the Yeti who will become a pioneer in this direction.

2018 Skoda Yeti engine

The beginning of sales in Russia and the price

In September, the world premiere of the new crossover is scheduled at the International Frankfurt Motor Show. And at the end of November, the first cars can enter the car dealerships of Europe.

In Russia, a new car will be available in early 2018. The approximate minimum price for standard equipment will be:

  • Active - 1 190 000 rubles;
  • Ambition - 1,270,000 rubles;
  • Style - 1 390 000 rubles.

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