Sink chopper for sinks: an overview of popular models + instructions for connecting

The problem of food waste is relevant for any hostess.

A convenient modern appliance - a sink chopper, which can be more and more often found in modern kitchens, will allow you to get rid of the garbage can.

What is food waste shredder for?

The waste shredder (utilizer, dispenser) is a device used for crushing debris, primarily of organic origin. The device weighing 8-12 kg is usually installed under the sink (sink) and is connected to the sewer pipe, where well crushed food remains are removed.

Domestic Waste Shredder
The household waste shredder is a great addition to any modern kitchen. A compact device installed under the sink makes life easier for any hostess.

The first device of this type was invented in the USA in 1927.Its inventor, architect John Hammes, received a patent, and 10 years later founded the company InSinkErator, which is now considered one of the most reputable companies producing shredders.

Diszuzeri gained popularity from American housewives in the late 1940s, but in European countries and in Russia, they became widespread much later.

Meanwhile, such systems make life easier for any woman. Compact device, which can find a place in almost any kitchen, will allow you to refuse from the bin that requires regular removal. The utilizer also contributes to the disappearance of unpleasant odors and helps to avoid blockages in the sewage system.

Kitchen grinders: advantages and disadvantages

Displays have many positive qualities:

  • they help to maintain cleanliness and order in the kitchen, as well as to comply with hygienic standards;
  • utilizers are easily installed and dismantled;
  • devices have a compact size; they can even be installed in miniature rooms under a sink or sink;
  • similar devices are practical and eco-friendly, helping to fight against environmental pollution;
  • dispensers are extremely easy to use, they can even include children;
  • The devices for which stainless steel is used are very durable. Branded warranty on various models ranges from 1 to 5 years, but shredders can work up to 20 years or more;
  • the devices are completely safe (the electric ones do not have knives, access to the piercing element of mechanical models is very difficult);
  • utilizers practically do not require cleaning or other maintenance. The self-cleaning mechanism is provided in them, and crushing elements do not demand sharpening.

Among the minor drawbacks of such devices are the increase in the consumption of water and electricity associated with their work (for electric grinders). At the same time, costs will increase slightly: on average, daily water consumption when using waste heat exchanger increases by only 3-6 liters, and electricity - by 100 watts.

Disposer for domestic waste
Modern shredders for household waste have many advantages. They are easy to use, durable, reliable, effective in work.

The disadvantages of sink shredders can also be attributed to the high cost of such products (an average of about 300 USD).

Popular varieties of household shredders

There are dozens of different models of shredders on the market, which are used for both household and industrial purposes. There are two main groups of such devices.

Mechanical (hydraulic) devices

This type of device is powered by a current stream of water. Grinding is done using a system of sharp-cut knives, which work efficiently, silently and safely, because sharp objects are far from the sink drain hole.

Mechanical waste shredder
Manufacturers offer several types of utilizers. The mechanical device is simple and reliable, but can only work with strong water pressure

Such a device copes well with wiry and fibrous waste, however, it can even stop from a small solid object, such as a cherry stone. Another drawback of such structures is increased requirements for water pressure. With insufficient pressure and a weak jet, the mechanical dispenser will not function.

Two kinds of electrical appliances

The operation of devices of this type is carried out with the help of an electric motor, which requires their connection to the source of electricity.

Electric dispenser
In contrast to the mechanical models, the operation of electric dispensers is carried out with the help of an electric motor, therefore, they require a power source

All models of this type can be divided into two categories:

  1. Continuous loading shredders. This option allows you to gradually put into the system all the cleaning and garbage. In order to put the device into operation, you must first turn on the mechanism, and then send waste to it. A pneumatic button connected to a pneumatic hose is usually used for starting.
  2. Utilizers with batch loading. In this case, garbage is stored in a shredder in the sink, more precisely - in a special storage compartment. By filling the tank, the mechanism is actuated using a button or by turning the filler cap, which is inserted into the sink drain.

The first version of the dispenser is considered more convenient and hygienic, since residues of products stored in the tank can cause an unpleasant smell. At the same time, a portion chopper of various food waste for the sink consumes less water and electricity.

The principle of operation of the shredder for garbage

The mechanism of action of the electric utilizer is quite simple. The unit is a small capacity, equipped with a built-in electric motor. Inside the tank there is a special compartment, where the incoming waste is crushed. In the upper part of the device there is a metal disk, which, depending on the design solution, can rotate at a speed of 1500-3000 revolutions / minute.

Internal device of an electric grinder
On the schematic image of the internal device of the electric dispenser, the main operating parts of the device are clearly visible, including the reservoir, the disk, the graters, the electric motor

The robust element is equipped with special devices - freely rotating cams intended for the initial crushing of solid waste. Some modern models have a special advanced function - a reverse crushing cam system. They are able to spin alternately in different directions, which provides even more efficient grinding of food debris.

Under the influence of centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the disk, the waste is thrown to the walls of the compartment, where the self-sharpening trowel is located, which shred rather large pieces into a fine one.

Ultimately, the garbage is recycled to particles no larger than 3-4 millimeters, which are easily washed with water into the sewer system. Food waste processed by the dispenser does not cause clogging of sewage systems, but, on the contrary, cleans the pipes.

Important model selection parameters

When deciding on the acquisition of a useful kitchen device, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the model:

Dimensions, shape. The parameters of the shredder are important for its installation in a specific place in the kitchen. In some cases, the shape of the model may also have some effect.

Chopper under the sink
When choosing a model, you should pay attention to its dimensions: it should fit the compartment where it is planned to be placed, as well as the size of the sink and drain.

Power. The indicator is important for electric dispensers, since it depends on it what types of garbage the recycler will process, as well as its speed. It is important to remember that especially powerful grinders (from 1300 W) consume a large amount of electricity. For a family of 4 people, it is enough that the device has a power of 550-1200 watts.

Rotational speed. This characteristic is important for electric grinders, in which it is incorporated in the design.For mechanical models, the rotational speed depends solely on the water pressure.

Chamber volumefor crushing waste. The size of the capacity is largely determined by the needs of a particular family. For two people, a small reservoir is suitable, while a large family needs larger options. When buying a large tank, it is important to ensure that it is placed under the sink. It is also important to consider that too small cameras are difficult to handle with a lot of waste, which can cause them to clog.

Use of stainless steel. Details from this strong and reliable material are not exposed to corrosion.

Steel shredder
Thanks to the steel elements of the device can operate in difficult conditions. The best option is a model made entirely of stainless steel, which, however, affects the cost

To reduce costs, some manufacturers use this material to finish the inner surface or parts of the dispenser. When choosing a similar model, it is important to ensure that elements made of other materials are coated with an anti-corrosion coating.

Not bad, if the model will have such features as:

  • system of automatic protection against overloads, voltage drops in the network, ingress of foreign objects;
  • the possibility of reverse rotation of the disk;
  • presence of several speeds for installation of various operating modes;
  • reinforcement in the drain slate, which guarantees reliable operation with no leakage;
  • the ability to connect to the filter;
  • availability of spare parts (some manufacturers add them to the kit) and availability of service centers where they can make repairs.

Although these factors usually affect the cost of the product, they can significantly improve the quality of work.

Possible additional features

Many manufacturers equip their products with a number of additional functions. The most common include:

Silver guarda protective system that prevents accidental ingress of spoons, forks and other metal objects, thus extending the service life of the dispenser.

Bio shield- technology that prevents the development of microorganisms, as well as overwhelming possible unpleasant odors.

Torque master- laser balancing of the moving elements of the electric dispenser mechanism.The system allows you to increase the number of revolutions and smoothness, thereby improving noise insulation during operation of the device and reduces its vibration.

Master Mounting System- the thought-over design of the device thanks to which even the beginning master will be able to establish or dismantle a grinder.

Dispenser with nozzles
The package of the dispenser may also include various nozzles that are used to process various types of household waste.

The set of a number of models of modern utilizers also includes additional pushers that facilitate operation and improve work efficiency.

Instructions for connecting the shredder

Installing a disposer does not require specific knowledge or a special level of skill: almost everyone can do it. Washing of old models can cause some difficulty, since the utilizers are designed for modern sinks with a European sink with a diameter of 89-90 mm. In this case, use models with special nozzles or gently expand the size of the drain hole.

Before installation, you should carry out preliminary work.

Preliminary stage: check dimensions

Before installing the waste heat exchanger, check the parameters of the equipment to be mounted, since the dispenser must fit into the designated space freely. It is advisable to check the following parameters:

  • height and width of the installed device;
  • the distance from the bottom of the sink to the center line of the outlet;
  • the distance from the center of the vent to the end of the nozzle;
  • distance from the center line of the instrument to the centerline of the instrument connection.

To organize the drain and prevent the accumulation of water in the working chamber of the utilizer, you must also follow the level of the drain pipe from the outlet. It should fall towards the wall.

Provide power to the instrument

When using electric utilizers, it is important to bring the electrical wiring under the kitchen sink, creating an isolated current supply system. You can do it yourself, but it is better to invite professional electricians.

Moisture proof outlet
To connect an electric shredder, it is important to conduct the wiring and install a grounded outlet that should be protected from moisture.

It is important that the switch be under the sink in a convenient place within reach. At the same time, the power grid parameters must correspond to the chopper power.

Installation of electric dispenser

Having finished with a preliminary stage, you can start installing the device directly.

Grinder installation
The installation of an electrical dispenser is a fairly simple process, accessible even to a novice master. It is only necessary to accurately follow the detailed step by step instructions.


  1. In the table top or in the sink you need to make a hole for the pneumatic button, which should be treated with silicone. After that, measure the distance and cut to the desired length of the air tubing.
  2. Next, you need to turn off the water supply and dismantle the water seal, as well as disconnect the vertical and horizontal pipes (the latter may require cleaning).
  3. Then carefully remove the sink outlet and disassemble the upper part of the shredder, separating the upper dispenser unit and disassemble it. After cleaning the sink drain, put the rubber gasket on the flange and fit it tightly in place, ensuring a tight fit.
  4. To mount the upper part of the installation, put a rubber gasket and a lock ring on the flange.After that, put a fastening ring with bolts on it, as well as a snap ring (it should lock in place).
  5. Tighten the bolts so that the lock is even and snug against the sink. Connect it to the tank dispenser, well securing the connection. Connect the nozzle to the device for shredding waste.
  6. Connect the hydraulic lock first to the dispenser and then to the sewer drain. For connection it is imperative to use a smooth siphon. Bottle and corrugated do not have sufficient rigidity, as well as prone to blockages, especially in the "knee" zone.
  7. Install a switch-button in the drilled hole of the sink or countertop.
  8. Connect the air tubing to the air switch nozzle.

The last step is to restore water supply.

Button to turn on
Upon completion of installation, you need to turn on the water and electricity, and then make a test run of food waste chopper

If the appliance is working, the installation is completed successfully, and the chopper can be used for housekeeping.

How to use the grinder for the sink

It is even easier to use a constant-load electric utilizer than to mount it. To do this, simply open the faucet with cold water and turn on the device in the network.

Waste goes to sink
Food waste is sent to the drain to which the dispenser is connected. From there, they enter the tank, where the product is crushed.

All waste and waste should be sent directly to the drain, then turn on the button for 1-3 minutes. A working device produces a distinctive sound, which changes at the end of crushing.

Then you can turn off the device, but leave the water turned on for another 10-30 seconds to remove the crushed waste. Only after that close the tap.

Tips on caring for the dispenser

In order for the device to serve for a long time and successfully, you must follow the rules of use.

The device processes almost all residues of products, namely:

  • fruits and vegetables of all kinds;
  • eggshell;
  • crusts from watermelons and melons;
  • pasta, bakery products, cereals;
  • fruit pits, nutshell;
  • small bones (fish, chicken, even meat);
  • pasta, cereals of all kinds, leftover bread;
  • fruit pits and nutshell;
  • small bones (fish, chicken, meat);
  • cigarette butts;
  • paper towels, napkins.

Observing caution, you can use some models of dispensers for shredding such waste as:

  • raw veins and trimming meat;
  • scales and fins from large species of fish;
  • A large number of husks from the seeds.

The following types of waste should not be allowed to contact the device:

  • Banana peel, corn cobs, onion peel, dill stalks. Due to the fibrous structure of these products, they are not ground in a shredder, but envelop crushing tools, making it difficult for them to work.
  • Hot fat or vegetable oil. Combined with the remaining crushed waste, it can form a conglomerate, which contributes to the formation of blockages in the sewer pipes.
  • Hair, plastic bags, threads (including tea bags). Such waste is usually used to wind on engine parts, creating an overload that can cause serious damage.
  • Large meat bones, when they hit the mechanism is turned off using a locking system, after which the foreign object should be removed using a special tool.
  • Broken ceramic and glassware, metal and other solid objects. When they get into the utilizer, in some cases it is necessary to dismantle the device in order to get a foreign object.

It should be noted that individual models can handle other sets of waste. So, some especially powerful grinders of the InSinkErator brand can crush even firm mutton bones.

Electrical cleaning

Care for such appliances is reduced to a minimum:

  • To eliminate unpleasant odors, you can drop a couple of lemon slices into the waste disposal unit and turn it on without water. Upon completion of work it is necessary to turn on the faucet to rinse the container.
  • It is also recommended to periodically lower into the discharge several ice cubes from the water with the addition of soda.
  • Two or three times a year it is allowed to use a cleanser; in no case should not use drugs to eliminate blockages in the pipes or with the content of abrasive substances.

It is important to note that aggressive household chemicals that contain acids or alkalis cannot be poured into the sink with a grinder.

Popular dispensers manufacturers

In the core market there are mainly models produced by American manufacturers, although in recent years the release of utilizers has been adjusted by a number of European brands.

You can call the following companies in top positions:

InSinkErator- An American company pioneer in the production of such equipment. Grinders are available in a wide range, while all models are of high quality. Devices of this brand work silently, quickly and powerfully, to that spend a little water. The catalog contains dispensers made entirely of stainless steel: they have increased strength, although they weigh more than their counterparts from other types of materials.

InSinkErator shredders
InSinkErator is a renowned company that has been releasing utilizers for more than 75 years. Produced products vary in volume, size, availability of additional functions.

Bonecrusher(USA) - a company that manufactures excellent models, the internal parts of which are made of stainless steel. Shredders of this brand are economical, in addition, they have a number of additional functions, including a permanent magnet that protects the mechanism from overloads.

Franke- A Swiss company that has established the release of powerful utilizers, the distinguishing qualities of which are silent operation, efficiency, durability, ease of operation.

HYDROMAID- An American company that specializes in mechanical models of shredders. Such products consist of a minimum of parts; They are reliable, durable and have a long service life.

KitchenAid(USA) - a company that manufactures low-cost options for utilizers. Manufactured products have high quality, but the minimum set of additional functions.

It is also worth paying attention to quality products offered by such well-known American brands as FRIGIDAIRE, WHIRLPOOL, as well as the famous German concern BOSCH-SIEMENS.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can see the detailed video of the installation of the InSinkErator electric chopper under the sink in the video below. Displays of other models are installed in the same way.

The assortment of shredders includes many different models, which will allow you to choose the best option, taking into account the size, principle of operation, the availability of additional functions and cost. Such a device will become an indispensable assistant, allowing you to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

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