Simulation Games 2019: list

The popularity of all sorts of simulators in recent years is growing by leaps and bounds - and if earlier only a prominent role like an illegal racer or a manager of their own football team could attract a mass player, then today there is a demand for quite prosaic virtual classes from agriculture to the migration service. So this year some interesting new products have already come out or are still preparing for release.

By plane, bus and car

In late May, the Austrians from Toplitz Productions rolled out a new part of their most famous franchise - inAirport Simulator 2019players, as before, will have to assume far from the most modest role of a manager of a huge international airport.

At first, all the work, from personnel changes to buying equipment and maintaining it in working condition, needs to be done independently, but with an increase in passenger traffic, virtual assistants with sophisticated artificial intelligence can be called upon to help.

As in most simulators, the emphasis in the game is placed on the realistic process and careful reconstruction of a huge number of real-life airplanes and other equipment - and if desired, any machine can be driven directly from the mobile ladder to the bus.

Their compatriots from Stillalive Studios are also not lagging behind - in the middle of June they presented a new game dedicated to the difficult everyday life of city bus drivers.Bus Simulator 2018allows you to feel the hard way about all the everyday difficulties of this craft: from traffic jams and changeable weather to the whims of passengers and overtime.

Sitting behind the wheel of a MAN or IVECO recreated with the German meticulousness, the player will have to earn money and reputation in 12 districts of a large virtual city - alone or with friends in the built-in multiplayer. The simulator traditionally supports all sorts of mods, so if you are tired of local Setra, you can always download and install some Icarus from Steam.

The creators of the much beloved continue to delight.Car Mechanic Simulator, slowly bringing to mind your last year's release. Just at the beginning of June, the new patch arrived in time - and with it the long-awaited addition with four new Ford models.

The simulator itself gives you the opportunity to dress in the oily robe of a mechanic and in the first person to solve randomly generated problems with auto clients. Also, money and experience can be earned by buying or finding old cars in the garbage bin and restoring them in your garage. As for the gameplay, it is practically unlimited, and forty-odd machines and more than a thousand spare parts just will not get bored.

Farm Frenzy

But the most interesting is still to come - in late October, Farming Simulator 2019, another part of the famous agricultural simulator itself, is coming out. The creators promise a completely redesigned graphics with realistic shadows and floating clouds: according to them, the game now looks even more spectacular than before.

The gameplay has not changed much: as before, we work in the field, save money, expand the farm, and so on in a circle. But the new content will be added - the developers have finally acquired a license for the equipment from the world's largest manufacturer John Deere, and also added cotton, oats and horses. In general, for those who like to count the virtual harvest, there will surely be an occupation.

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