Shoe size table for women, men and children

Shoes are an important and sometimes more necessary item than any other type of clothing. You can even, I apologize for such detail, go without panties, but without shoes you won't go anywhere.

Shoe sizes

In addition, it should ideally sit on the leg, or at least slightly be more. But no less and no more, unless you take the winter under the sock.

Before buying shoes you need to figure out your size.

How to find out your foot size

To measure the size of your feet is a snap. We measure the length of the foot. To do this, take a sheet of paper, put a foot on it and draw a pencil around it.

how to measure your size

After that, measure the length of the ruler or measuring tape. We measure both feet, because, as it may seem strange, but one foot is often somewhat more than the other. Therefore, we take measurements of measurements for the most part, i.e. for the one that is longer.

Next, check the table, where we find out our size:

shoe size chart

Fullness legs - table

There is also such an important indicator as leg fullness. This is the girth of the foot in the place where the bone is located.This part of the foot is considered the widest toe part.

To determine it, measure the length and width of the widest projection of the toe of the foot.

how to measure completeness

Next, we use a simple formula:

W = 0.25 x B - 0.15 x C - A,


where W is an indicator of completeness;

B - width or girth of the foot;

C - foot length;

A - coefficient having a constant value:

16 - for women's shoes sizes 33.5-40, corresponding to the length of the foot in 21-27.5 cm,

17 - for men's shoes of size 38.5-44.5, corresponding to a foot length of 24.5-30.5 cm.

To clarify the ratios of the completeness of the foot, its own table was also developed:

fullness of shoes

According to this table, the normal indicator of completeness of the stop will be equal to 6. Indicators from 2 to 5 are somewhat already average, and 7 or more - respectively, wider than average, wide, full and very wide.

As for the completeness of women's shoes, then its value is less than that of men's. For example, the number 1 for women's shoes is the number 2 for men's, etc.

How to determine the size of children's shoes

If buying shoes for ourselves, we can focus on our own feelings of comfort, then we take children on the basis of measurements that we took.

how to determine the size of children's shoes

Moreover, an important parameter is precisely the correctly taken size of the foot, and not the shoes selected by the fitting method.Attaching the sole of the shoe to the foot of the child is not at all recommended.

foot length

The best option would be an insole, on which you can remove the parameters of the foot.

The sizes of children's shoes in Russian parameters are somewhat different from the European or American standard.

shoe sizes

But, in general, determining the size of a child's foot is the same as you determine for yourself. That is, we outline a baby leg on a sheet of paper, measure the foot pattern. Here you have the size, which is then checked against the table.

Shoe Size Tables

For different age groups of people have their own shoe sizes. But this is understandable.

foot size

Having measured your foot, having learned its size by its parameters, you can already choose shoes not only on the basis of Russian standards, but also foreign ones.

Size table of women's and men's shoes

Knowing the length of your foot, you can determine the size of the shoe according to the Russian standard, and foreign equivalents are always indicated in the correspondence tables.

So for women's shoes, it looks like this:

women's shoe size chart

For men:

Men's Shoe Size Table

kids' shoe size chart

As for children's shoes, there are almost the same rules as when choosing an adult. Only sizes, naturally smaller.

sizes of children's shoes

Moreover, from three months to two years, these sizes are one, and from three years to 14 years - others. Below are tables for different children's age categories.

sizes of children's shoes

Using these parameters, you will choose comfortable shoes for your child.

Matching US and Russian shoe sizes

Shoe sizes in different countries differ. In order not to get lost in these differences, below are the tables of correspondence for men's and women's shoes of Russian and American parameters.

For women:

Shoe size table for women, men and children

For men:

Shoe size table for women, men and children

European size shoes in Russian

In addition to the American standard, there is also a European one, which is also often found in some stores, especially when purchased via the Internet.

european shoe size

Shoe size on Aliexpress - table

Portal Aliexpress, quite a popular online store. Both clothes and shoes are bought here. However, unlike the simple store where we can measure the goods, in the online store we focus only on the sizes. Tables that represent such stores contain all the options of dimension.

The only thing recommended when ordering shoes add half a centimeter for a sock.

shoe sizes on aliexpress

Shoe size table for women, men and children

Shoe size table for women, men and children

Watch a short video on how to choose shoes.

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