Shelf life of chocolates: storage rules

Chocolate and chocolate sweets - favorite and usefula delicacy that is served in many families not only for holidays, but also for ordinary everyday life. In addition, chocolate sweets are not only a dessert for family tea drinking, but also a universal gift for all occasions.

shelf life of chocolates

Many of us when buying confectionery productsdo not think about its composition and make a choice intuitively, reacting to bright labels, beautiful boxes and flashy inscriptions. Although it is the information contained on the wrapper that needs to be paid special attention. After allshelf life of chocolatesis an important characteristic that affects not only the taste qualities, but also the physical condition of a person.

How does the composition affect the storage of chocolate

Shelf life of chocolate sweetsis established depending on the products,included in their composition. Of the ingredients present in chocolate confectionery, fats are the smallest time of safe consumption, it is their splitting that leads to the accumulation of concentrates that cause deterioration in the state of human health.

shelf life of chocolates

By decreasing the shelf life, depending on the type of candy, they are arranged as follows:

  • Candies made from bitter chocolate are from 1 to 2 years old.
  • From unsweetened dark chocolate - from 10 to 12 months.
  • From milk chocolate - from 6 to 10 months.
  • Glazed sweets in the wrapper - up to 4 months.
  • Assortment - up to 2 months.
  • Sweets from white chocolate - no longer than a month.

Shelf life of chocolate sweetssignificantly reduced when included in their compositionsuch additives as peanuts, hazelnuts, hazelnuts, as well as various fillings. In the presence of inclusions, sweets should be consumed no later than three months from the date of manufacture.

shelf life of chocolates in a box

Weighing sweets

With the products in branded packages from the manufacturer everything is clear, but here's how to determineexpiration date of chocolate sweets by weight?With this, things are more complicated, because the expiration dateWeighted goods are indicated only on the box. Here there are few options: either ask the seller who is obligated to provide you with all the necessary information, or open a candy and assess the quality yourself.

shelf life of chocolate sweets by weight

Product Quality Indicators

  1. Quality candies have a shiny, smooth and even surface, without sagging or splashing.
  2. The filling is homogeneous, without the loss of sugar crystals.
  3. The fragrance should be pronounced, without foreign odors.

Possible defects

  1. A whitish coating occurs due to improper storage conditions.
  2. The lack of gloss, moistening of the surface occurs due to improper storage.

Candy in box

With the packaged products, everything is much simpler. Shelf life of chocolates in a boxindicatesmanufacturer. Typically, these kits have a shelf life of 9 months to one year.

shelf life of chocolates in a box

How to store chocolate products

Despite,what is the shelf life of chocolate sweets,to preserve their taste and nutritional value, it is important to create the right storage conditions.

Storage space

Chocolates must be stored in a dark dryplace. Chocolate absorbs odors well, so it is desirable to keep sweets out of it away from spices and tea, in hermetically sealed boxes, especially for products without a wrapper. The refrigerator is also not the best place for storing delicacies, most of all for these purposes comes a cupboard or a cupboard.

Optimal temperature

For chocolate sweets is best suitedtemperature 16-20 ° C. At a higher temperature regime, the glaze begins to melt, and at a lower level, cocoa butter leaves and the candies are covered with a "gray" coating. Such a product is not considered harmful, but its taste is significantly reduced.

Overdue or not?

It often happens that the doubt does not causeshelf life of chocolates,and a white coating on their surface. The formation of such a raid occurs for innocuous reasons. So, the surface of the product is cocoa butter, this is due to a temperature drop or high humidity. Such a sign can even be called a sign indicating the naturalness of the product, since sweets with unprofitable palm oil never turn pale.

Consequences of the use of expired chocolate

More recently, chocolate and sweets from itincluded in the list of products that are allowed to eat after the expiration date. According to members of the organization for the protection of natural resources, overdue chocolate becomes less tasty, but it does not harm health and it can be eaten six months after the expiration date indicated. That is, if you ate a few "unsuitable" chocolates, then your health is not in danger. However, this experience does not need to be turned into a habit.


  • Overdue products are inferior as fresh.
  • In improperly stored chocolate loves to put off his larvae food moth.
  • In heavily overdue chocolate sweets, the oxidation of fats begins, the use of which can lead to dangerous diseases.

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