Sewage. Smell of sewage

February 14, 2018
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There are no buildings that are initially completely and completely insured against the risk of the appearance of an uncontaminated sewage inside the building. The reasons for its occurrence can be quite a few and therefore it is worth considering them and methods for solving the problem in more detail. It is worth noting that if the septic tank in your country house is made in compliance with all requirements, then you will be practically spared the smell problem. Concrete rings are the most popular for septic tanks. Septic tank made of concrete rings - At Nas CAMAY FAVORABLE PRICE. Places where the problem most often lies are the sewer pipes and the vent hole of the bathroom.

Sewage. Smell of sewage

The stench may occur due to a malfunction of the water seal: a mechanism whose goal is precisely to prevent the penetration of odors from the bathroom into the apartment.

Equally frequent causes are siphon problems. They occur when the pressure difference in the room and the air inside the siphon, when the first is weaker.In the case of such an imbalance, air masses from the structure come out, sometimes accompanied by a characteristic gurgle, which makes it possible to identify the problem.

To ensure that such problems do not occur in your home with an enviable frequency, you must follow the basic rules.

Sewage. Smell of sewage

1. First of all, attend to the width of your sewer pipes. With a small diameter, pressure drops occur most often. For a larger one, the “airbag” remains in the process of moving the liquid, which protects against spontaneous draining of water from the water trap and the ingress of odor.

2. It is necessary with sufficient regularity to carry out preventive cleaning plumbing. It will relieve, at least, from lime deposits and blockages.

3. It should not be allowed to stagnate water in a water seal: it is also fraught with the appearance of a putrid odor. By treating the siphon from internal blockages, you also prevent sewage from clogging up. That is, it is necessary to ensure the flow of a sufficient amount of sewage for self-cleaning of the sewer network and prevent stagnation.

Sewage. Smell of sewage

4.Do not forget to monitor the ventilation: keep the bathroom air system in good condition. You can consider installing forced air ventilation. Air stagnation in a humid room is a sure guarantee of the appearance of fungus, pathogens and mold, which can be prevented from occurring more easily and more economically than to eradicate them by special means or by contacting appropriate services.

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