Sergey Sereda goes with a sense of humor in life

He is handsome, cheerful and handsome. All this can be said about one of the most popular kavenschikov in recent years, the captain of the team "Odessa Mansy" Sergei Sereda. Having started a successful career in show business with performance in the Club of Merry and Resourceful, he continues to remain in public view even today.

Do you remember how it all began...

Sergey SeredaSergei Sereda was born, perhaps, in the most cheerfula city in the entire post-Soviet space - in Odessa. As today he loves to give gifts to his audience and fans, so did his parents to a surprise just in time for the New Year, having appeared on December 24th on the eve of 1990.

About Odessa, he still responds with warmth,calling that city, which you can not really tell, no matter how hard you try. You have to come to him, take a walk through the streets, feel his spirit, and best of all be born. As Sergei Sereda did. His biography is closely connected with this city.

Career in KVN

Odessa MansyThe first glory came to the KVN, when Sergei becamethe captain of the team "Odessa Mansy". The team appeared thanks to the merger of the two teams Santech and NoStress. Having in the asset a lot of cups and medals of city competitions in KVN, the teams decided to create a team of the city. Old Odessa kavenschiki to the idea reacted positively. We began to support, to search for bases for rehearsals, to agitate sponsors, in general, took up the maximum trouble so that the children could be engaged exclusively in creativity.

In 2012, Odessa citizens became champions of the Krasnodar and First Ukrainian leagues and the following year they won the right to play in the Major League.

In the Major League

The first season was unsuccessful, the team took the last place at the earliest stage. But the next year already gained experience kavenschiki demonstrated what they are capable of in fact.

In the 1/8 finals the team came from third place,losing only to the national team of Murmansk and Tyumen "Soyuz". At the first stage, teams prepared short videos for greetings about their cities. The video, shot by the team "Odessa Mansy", was especially remembered by the fans and jury with unique Odessa humor.

But the ¼ finals team won, 2scores of points bypassing the national team of Fiztekh. Throughout the game, these were the main competitors of Odessa. Initially, the games were in the lead, in the captain's competition Sergey Sereda also took only the second place, losing to Georgiy Gigashvili from Dolgoprudny one tenth of a point.

The audience was the music contest,which they showed the number about a married couple who lives like in the song of Oleg Gazmanov "Moryachka". The performance won the jury, the judges gave the "Mansam" victory. So for the first time since 2002, the Ukrainian team took first place in the game of the Major League of KVN.

True, this is the career of Odessa in KVNwas completed. The team refused to participate in the semifinals, although it did not break up after that. The official website of the KVN community reported that Captain Sergey Sereda personally phoned Alexander Maslyakov and referred to the financial difficulties and the lack of a sponsor. Although many then considered this decision political, related to the events in eastern Ukraine.

On the big screen

Sergey Sereda biographyLeaving the First Channel, the Odessa team inchapter with his captain did not say goodbye to his fans. Sergey even took part in the Ukrainian version of the intellectual game "What? Where? When? "In the team of show business and" Studios Kvartal-95 ". True, the team lost - 3: 6.

With the well-known in Ukraine, and in Russia, creativethe group "Studio Quarter-95" (also made up of kavenschikov) after this continued active cooperation. Together with the brightest members of the team - Alexander Stankevich, Grigory Gushchin and Levon Nazinyan - Sergei starred in the comedy series "Country U" and "Tales B".

A special success was the first project, which becameadapted sketch of the popular English show "Little Britain". In the TV series "Country U", a truly stellar group gathered - the best players of the Ukrainian KVN teams "Dnepr", "National team of blondes of Ukraine", "Vinnytsia peppers" and, of course, "Odessa Mansy".

The action of the series takes place in different largecities of Ukraine. Sergei got the role of a typical Odessite Bones, who since childhood lives in a typical Odessa courtyard with bosom friends. Critics of them write that they are just as different as the prices for bringing. However, at the same time in the course of all events in the country and in the world. We are ready to discuss them almost from dawn to dusk.

In 2016 this theme was developed in a separate series "Once Upon a Time in Odessa".

Cases of the heart

Sergey Sereda personal lifeNot so long ago it became known about the novel betweenfamous singer Erika and Odessa humorist. Sergei Sereda himself told about this. The personal life of the couple immediately interested the numerous fans of the team.

Acquaintance occurred almost by accident. Sergei and Eric became co-hosts of the program on the music channel. Erica herself admitted that she was subdued by a sense of humor in the cavalier, this is her erogenous zone, and in the experienced kavenshchika it was more than enough.

The relationship was really romanticway. Erica came to Odessa to see her friend. However, a friend on the eve heavily rested in karaoke and did not meet the singer at the station. She had to call the only person he knew in this city - Sergei, who immediately came to a sleep, put her in the best hotel, and paid all the expenses. This was the beginning of the relationship.

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