Seeding for seedlings

On personal plots can be foundplants that came to us from other countries, many of which in our conditions can not quickly bloom and therefore are grown only through seedlings. Seeding for seedlings should begin in March. To plants luxuriantly blossomed, the seedlings must be strong and healthy, and in order to obtain such seedlings, first of all, good seeds, appropriate land and favorable conditions are needed.

Seeding of flower seeds for seedlings must begin withpreparation of the substrate, that is, it must be sufficiently loose, nutritious and retain moisture. It is best to buy a ready-made substrate in the store. But if you yourself prepare the soil for seedlings, then you need to observe certain proportions-two parts of humus land are taken from two parts of humus, one part of sand and two parts of peat. Ordinary land from the garden is not suitable, since there may contain pest larvae and pathogens of various diseases. The mixture must be well mixed and sieved. If the soil is acidic, chalk is added to it, and two days before sowing the seeds the mixture is spilled with boiling water or a solution of potassium permanganate.

Seeding of seeds for seedlings is best done in air-permeable containers, which have holes for the flow of excess water. If the containers are old, they should be thoroughly rinsed.
Seeds do not need to be closed deep, sinceit will be difficult for the shoots to break through the substrate, and the sprouts will turn out to be rare. Do not sow the seeds too thick, because the lack of light seedlings will get too elongated.

To determine the depth of seeding, you needmultiply the seed by three. Some, too small seeds and do not close up at all, and moistening the soil from the atomizer, it is better to put plastic film or glass on top and put it on the window for germination. Care of the shoots will be reduced to ventilation and watering.

If the seeds are small, they need to be planted randomly, andLarge - in the nest, for 2-3 pieces. In order not to get empty pots in the end before seeding seeds for seedlings, you need to check their germination. If the germination is high - seeds are sown rarely, and if weak - thicker. Some gardeners for more even sowing mix small seeds with sand. The seeding time for seedlings depends on the plant species and the site of its planting, as well as on the climate. Annual plants usually sow in the spring, and biennial plants in the summer. Perennials can be sown both in summer and in autumn.

Seeds for germination and growth need light andheat. It is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out and regularly water the seedlings. For this purpose it is convenient to spray the shoots with warm water from the spray gun. Weeks can be dived after 2-3 seedlings. In order not to damage the tender roots, you need to use a diving peg. The root should be shortened by one third - this stimulates the branching of the root system. After the seedlings are formed additional roots, they begin to actively develop. A good growth of seedlings also contributes to the space that plants receive after picking.

For picks, a special soil mixture,which is not too light. It can be prepared from one part of humus and two parts of loamy soil. The desired soil mixture can also be found on store shelves.

If the soil is too light, it will be fastdry out and do not hold on to the roots for further plant transplantation. So that the seedlings get better at a permanent place, it's better to dive the seedlings in peat pots.

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