Scrapbooking for beginners: examples and tips

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Scrapbooking is one of the most popular creative trends. Even if you do not know the meaning of this word, you probably heard it more than once. Modern art schools offer various courses of study for this technique (I must say, far from low-cost), more and more various workshops and training videos on this topic appear on the Web, and more and more tools and materials for scrapbooking can be seen on the shelves. So what is this technique? Let's figure it out together.


We will tell you what scrapbooking is, briefly talk about the history of the emergence of this technique and discuss what a beginner needs who decided to try himself in this kind of creativity. We will give you useful tips and show interesting examples.

What is scrapbooking?

In the literal translation, scrapbooking means “a book of scrapbooks”. In fact, it is beautiful and unusually designed photo albums.They can be devoted to a specific event (a celebration or a family trip to the sea, for example), to some person (an album about a beloved mother or child's childhood), a group (your worker or musical group), etc.

In fact, this is a collection of photos on a specific subject, their design into thematic collections and the original decoration of the album with their own hands. On the photo page you can find newspaper clippings and inscriptions, homemade colored paper decor elements, rhinestones, stickers ... There are also ready-made kits for scrapbooking. In the departments for creativity, you can even find a "package" on a specific subject.


Suppose you want to make an album about the New Year holidays. You can easily find an album with the corresponding picture on the cover, and a set of stickers and decorations will be attached to it. You just need to stick photos and distribute all this on the pages. True, such scrapbooking already loses its original meaning. After all, the main thing is associations. That is why self-made albums (those that were made only from the beginning to the end by the author) have much greater value. At least for the family archive.Albums are traditionally accompanied by poems, signatures of names, drawings.


A bit of history

We will not go into the development of scrapbooking. A beginner does not need such subtleties. We only note that the first mention of this work dates back to the 16th century. Since then, art has undergone a huge number of changes. Now, from the original scrapbooking, only the album itself and the tradition to collect a variety of materials on the pages have remained.


But an example that is closer to us is worth remembering. Something like scrapbooking was in every Soviet apartment. Photos from certain events have traditionally been printed in large quantities and pasted into albums. Large brown, green and gray books with blank cardboard sheets and a traditional set of corners - this is the beginning of scrapbooking in our country.


Traditionally, this work was fond of military personnel (demobel albums) and, of course, the fair sex. Soviet girls could make similar albums on any subject. Many graduates even had a tradition to share such albums with girlfriends: they made gifts for each other. Modern scrapbooking has become much wider.The rich decor was added to the verses and drawings in the Soviet albums.


What you need for scrapbooking: tips for a beginner

The base for scrapbooking can be done independently or taken ready, here the most important thing is to pay attention to the materials. Special cardboard for scrapbooking is made taking into account the peculiarities of this creativity. Albums are needed to store them for many years. This means that plain paper will not work here - it will simply turn yellow or leak out from moisture and dust.


Important and choice of tools. Special attention should be paid to the selection of glue, markers and other decorative materials, as well as the paper itself - they should not contain lagine (chemical acid). It is important to keep crafts for a long time.


As a rule, it is called so - scrapbooking paper. She is the most popular. These are small square sheets. They can be monophonic or with a pattern. You can find paper that is already richly decorated with sparkles, velvet, gold-embossed, etc. In addition, cardboard, kraft paper, and pastel paper are often used for scrapbooking. Often in the course goes and ordinary paper.Well, modern resources allow you to find a lot of different patterns on the Web and just print them out on a printer - this is also a way out, and it is very convenient. True, crafts based on this material will no longer be so durable

Tracing paper

Ever since the Soviet times, tracing paper has been an indispensable aid in creating various patterns. You can also lay it between the main sheets of the album.


There can be anything:

  • half pearl beads, rhinestones and buttons
  • pieces of cloth, burlap, satin ribbons
  • lace, napkins for decoupage
  • clippings, lettering
  • stickers
  • tickets from various events (trips to the cinema, theater, boarding passes, etc.)
  • leaflets (menu, programs from the theater, even maps)
  • pages from books, figurines from magazines

In general, everything that just enough imagination.



Clay need different. One - for gluing paper fragments (better pencil). The second is for cardboard ones (better than PVA). The third - for accessories and decor (depending on the material, better superglue).

Scotch and paper clips

You will need a double-sided tape for attaching photos and decorative items. The standard duct tape will not be superfluous.It is much better to choose a special colored tape with different patterns.

Take the clips are not ordinary metal, and color. You can search for clips with decorative elements.

Markers, pens, pencils

There are no restrictions here. We give here only one piece of advice: pay attention to the hardness / softness of the pencils and the thickness of the tip of the marker. A thin tip is needed for creating inscriptions and drawing embossments, and a thick tip is for painting finished drawings.


You can try to do scrapbooking without any special instructions. It is not necessary to take courses or look for master classes. You just need to take an album, decor, photos and tools. Your fantasy will do the rest for you. Of course, a person with an artistic taste will achieve much better results, but this does not mean that only a select few can do scrapbooking. The main thing - associations with photos, the desire to do something with the soul and the right attitude.

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