Scenes for the New Year 2019

You can learn more about what skits for the New Year 2019 you can come up with for a corporate party or a children's company, as well as useful tips that the organizers of festive events shared with us will help you learn the details of their preparation.


A pledge of fun and good mood

It is always more pleasant to celebrate the New Year in a large company, when friends or relatives gather in a tight circle. However, it also happens that strangers turn out to be at one festive table who may feel not too comfortable in a new environment. As a rule, a similar situation happens on corporate parties, where novices and old colleagues “collide” in the same society. Funny and modern scenes, which are popular entertainment for people of different age groups, will help to improve the mood of those present at the celebration and create a comfortable environment for meeting and chatting.

Scenes for the New Year 2019

Starting to organize a festive program in the Year of the Pig, it is worth considering the fact that this totem animal has a cheerful and kind disposition that does not tolerate gloom and boredom.Therefore, in order to attract the location of the Eastern Khryusha, it is necessary to show maximum imagination and creativity in the matter of the entertainment component of the evening. In order that no one should be sad, it is necessary to determine in advance the contingent of those present at the holiday. Based on this factor, you can easily prepare an interesting program for:

  • for adults;
  • for children;
  • for schoolchildren.

Despite the seemingly difficult task, you can come up with a lot of interesting miniatures that can cheer up both adults and young party members. If there is not enough time for this activity, or there is no time at all, it’s enough to use ready-made scripts that can be easily found on thematic sites and forums on the World Wide Web.

Original miniatures for corporate party

The scene called “Wet Spectators” is very popular on New Year's Eve. For its organization, two opaque containers will be needed (for example, jugs), one of which is half filled with water, and the second - with confetti. Then the host of the evening enters the “game”. Raising a glass of champagne, he makes a toast, in which we are talking about countrieswhere even a small drop of rain falling on a person on New Year's Eve is considered a lucky sign, promising happiness and all kinds of well-being during the whole coming year. However, due to the fact that in our country it is snowing instead of rain in the winter season, it is necessary to look for alternative ways to attract good luck. The next step of the presenter is the demonstration of the vessel with water to those present. For clarity, from it you can pour water into a glass. Further, with the help of an assistant, he quietly replaces this container with a jar of confetti. At the end of the festive toast, the presenter swings and pours the content on the audience. Being sure that there is water in the jug, they all scatter in different directions, dodging splashes with a shriek. However, they will overtake only the "waterfall" of multi-colored confetti.

Scenes for the New Year 2019 funny and modern, for schoolchildren and corporate parties

Miniatures for schoolchildren

A simple, but at the same time very varied is the children's scene “Fairy Tale”, designed for an unlimited number of participants. The host of the evening gives out to the young “actors” the role, after which he offers to portray the characters he got in accordance with the text of the story being read aloud.Participants of the performance are allowed to improvise, thereby causing bursts of laughter in the audience. The content of the mini-scene can be as follows:

“It was a wonderful winter day. A hare ran out into the forest clearing, looking around anxiously. Suddenly a hedgehog appeared from the wilderness, carrying a huge ripe apple on its back ... ”. This story can be continued, gradually “weaving” new heroes into it, including Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Wolf, Reindeer, Snowman and, of course, the mistress of the New Year - the merry Pig. In order not to "puzzle over" the creation of original versions of the plot, you can build a story based on famous Russian fairy tales. A good example is the “Ryaba Chick”, “Goldfish”, “Gingerbread Man”, “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Frost”.

Funny scenes for the whole family

For a large family-owned company, a miniature with the fabulous name “Turnip” is ideal. To display it, we need seven participants of different ages. After the cast is chosen, the host of the evening reads the text of the story:

  • The grandfather put a turnip ... (at the same time, the participant depicting the turnip is hiding behind a sofa or table).
  • The turnip has grown big-very big! (the participant looks out of his "cover").
  • The grandfather began to pull the turnip and could not pull it out ... He called for help from the grandmother (the participant takes the role of depicting his grandfather's wife).

After the joint efforts of the turnip "extracted" from the fetters of the "earth", in the "hands" she has a surprise for all the "workers". As a surprise, there can be both sweets and personalized gifts for all participants of the New Year's miniature.

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