Scarlet sails in 2018

In 2018, at the beginning of the summer, the next, fourteenth in a row, holiday for all graduates will be held - “Scarlet Sails”. The event, which all eleventh-graders are eagerly awaiting, not only from St. Petersburg, but also from the whole country, will become the boundary that separates adulthood from school childhood. The holiday “Scarlet Sails” 2018, the date of which depends on the date of school exams, can be safely called the most important event in the life of graduates.

Scarlet Sails 2018: Schedule and Date

ShipAs already mentioned, the date of the holiday depends on the date of the final exams. As a rule, “Scarlet Sails” are held after the end of all school exams, to give yesterday's eleventh graders the opportunity to have fun without looking at school matters.

During the day, or rather, the holiday night becomes one of the weekends of the second half of June - in 2016, for example, the main graduation ceremony was held on the night of June 25-26. Based on data from previous events, we can assume that the date of the holiday "Scarlet Sails" in 2018 will be the night of June 23-24.That is, the holiday will begin on Saturday evening, June 23, and will end on Sunday morning, June 24, 2018. However, the exact time of the "Scarlet Sails" we learn only in May 2018, when Smolny will publish the official schedule of the main prom.

Scarlet Sails

Program and events

The program “Scarlet Sails” is traditional: its main “milestones” do not change, and therefore today we can safely talk about the main events in the framework of the holiday.

The first stage of the prom is a theatrical performance - a kind of prologue that sets the tone for the whole event. The theme of “Scarlet Sails” is determined in advance - in 2016, for example, bridges became the leitmotif of the holiday, and the dramatized prologue was designed to demonstrate this vividly.

The beginning of the holiday, according to tradition, falls on a late evening - theatrical performances start at 22.00 - 23.00. In the last couple of years, the holiday begins a little earlier - at 22.00 - because of a large-scale prologue. Based on the experience of the previous "Scarlet Sails", it is hoped that in 2018 there will be several theatrical performances - at different venues in St. Petersburg.

Scarlet Sails

The second stage, according to the already established tradition, is colorful and noisy fireworks.Salute will thunder over the waters of the Neva already after midnight - approximately in the period from 00.30 to 01.00 hours, the darkest time of St. Petersburg's white night. In 2016, a new equipment was acquired for the pyrotechnic show, through which the performance rose to a new level. Salute is accompanied by music, selected according to the main theme of the holiday.

Well, the third, the main stage of the whole event is the exit of the Tre Kronor sailboat under scarlet sails. It is this event that gave the name to the whole holiday, and for many years now the ship with sails tinged with flowering poppies has been strongly associated with the graduation party.

Preparation for the holiday

The organization and preparation for the graduates holiday is the responsibility of the administration of the city of St. Petersburg. The commission, chaired by the vice-governor, determines the date and forms a list of events held during the holiday. This commission is responsible for the “filling” of the “Scarlet Sails”: a concert program, theatrical performances, the design of bridges and squares, fireworks, a light show, etc., etc., etc.Scarlet Sails

One of these concerns of the organizers is the issue of invitation cards, which are most protected from counterfeit.The fact is that only graduates, their parents and teachers are allowed on the holiday. For all other venues, program activities are closed. Invitations will go to schools just before the holiday - literally a couple of days before the official date of “Scarlet Sails” 2018. A lot of tickets will be sent to the regions - many students in our country will have the opportunity to attend the most colorful and colorful prom night in the country. Each graduate is given two tickets, so that yesterday’s schoolchildren can invite to the holiday accompanying, most often parents, guardians, close relatives.

Well, those who for some reason will not be able to attend the holiday in person will be able to watch the show live on TV. Live broadcast is the Fifth Channel.

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