Sauna "Gulf Stream" (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews

Now it's become very fashionableadhere to a healthy lifestyle. Many people who have made the decision to always be in a trend, do not do without visiting baths and saunas. The purpose of staying in the sauna is not only hygiene, it has long been proven that a high temperature regime has a health effect on the body, improves the performance of all organs, displays toxins and harmful substances outside, and also helps to reduce weight. In addition, it became fashionable in the baths to celebrate various events "without ties", whether it is a birthday in a narrow circle or a friendly corporate.

Particularly popular now are paired withswimming pool. In many cities, whole complexes began to open, where there is everything necessary for a quality stay in the sauna. The city of Krasnoyarsk was not an exception. Sauna "Gulf Stream" in the Soviet area just refers itself to such organizations. Here you can not just soak in the sauna, but also swim in the pool, play billiards, sing in karaoke and organize a quality rest for both the body and the soul.

sauna "Gulfstream" Krasnoyarsk

Let's try to figure out how the "Gulf Stream" differs from other bathhouses in Krasnoyarsk and why it is worth making a choice towards this complex. Let's start!

Description of the health complex "Gulf Stream"

Sauna «Gulf Stream» invites to visit allfans of hot steam. On its territory each client will be able to choose exactly what he will like. There are eight halls, each of which is beautifully decorated, there are swimming pools, a solarium, each room has upholstered furniture, there is a dining area, modern appliances and other amenities. There is a bar on the territory of the complex, where a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks is offered. For guests who come by private car, there is a convenient parking in the inner courtyard of the sauna. In Krasnoyarsk, this is the only complex of saunas with such services and scales.

Together with democratic prices, customers receivethe highest level of service. Sauna is an ideal place for birthdays, stag parties, gay corporate parties or just relaxing with friends or family.

The services

Sauna "Gulfstream" in Krasnoyarsk offers its guests a whole range of different services. Among them:

  • Finnish, Turkish and Russian paired;
  • eight halls;
  • comfortable rest rooms;
  • pool;
  • choice of brooms;
  • hydromassage;
  • billiards;
  • dance floor;
  • massage chair;
  • karaoke;
  • TV;
  • wireless Internet;
  • bar;
  • secure parking.

bathhouse Krasnoyarsk

Halls and their cost

The organization provides services at very humane prices. All the guests of the sauna "Gulf Stream" in Krasnoyarsk gives a discount of 15%.

"Tunisia", "Torzhok", "Hawaii"

Rooms with a Russian steam room, designed for four people.

The cost of an hour is 600 rubles.


Hall with a Finnish sauna, designed for companies up to four people.

The cost of an hour is 800 rubles.


There is a swimming pool and hydromassage. Type of sauna - Finnish. The cost is 1200 rubles. Capacity - eight people.


Russian and Finnish steam room, billiards, swimming pool. The room comfortably accommodate eight people.

Price per hour - 1,3 thousand rubles.


Finnish sauna with a swimming pool and hydromassage, which comfortably accommodate up to four people.

The cost of an hour is 600 rubles.


Finnish sauna with hydromassage and swimming pool. The capacity of the hall is four people. The price is 800 rubles per hour.


Payment of services insauna "Gulf Stream" in Krasnoyarskis made only in cash. About the exact cost of holidays on holidays and weekends, it is better to find out from the manager of the Gulf Stream.


The bath complex is located in the Soviet area near the intercity bus station.

"Gulf Stream" sauna Krasnoyarsk Take-off

The exact addresssaunas "Gulf Stream": Krasnoyarsk, Takeoffstreet, building number 13.

The organization accepts visitors round the clock, without breaks and days off. For more information, you can contact the administrator of the establishment by calling the telephone number indicated on the sauna website.

Reviews about the complex

About the sauna "Gulf Stream" on Vzletnoy (Krasnoyarsk) you can hear very diverse reviews.

There are people who are regular customerscomplex and speak about it exclusively positively. They praise the organization's staff, arrangement of halls, good heat, high-quality provision of services. Most visitors like the "Tunisia" hall.

But there are also customers who are dissatisfied with the qualityservice in the sauna. They note the fact that in reality the cost of visiting couples does not correspond to the stated prices on the site (on arrival it is necessary to pay more). Also, guests note that the halls are not very clean, the water in the pools is cold, here and there in the rest rooms you can see traces of mold, it would not hurt to update the interior and make repairs in the rooms.

Recreational complex "Gulf Stream"


Summarizing, we can say that the "Gulf Stream"this is a good bath in Krasnoyarsk. If the managers of the establishment pay their attention to negative feedback and try to correct all the shortcomings, then the complex can be safely recommended for a visit in order to have a good pastime.

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Sauna Gulf Stream (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews Sauna Gulf Stream (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews Sauna Gulf Stream (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews Sauna Gulf Stream (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews Sauna Gulf Stream (Krasnoyarsk): address, description, reviews