Satin bedding

February 11, 2018

What is satin? Sateen is a natural fabric, usually cotton, with a glossy facial and rough seamy surface. Initially, satin is a special way of weaving, in which a thick thread is taken as a base, and a thin twisted one is used for the front side. It turns out a soft woven material with a natural sheen, similar in appearance to silk fabrics. From it sew clothes, bedspreads, curtains, and, of course, bed linen. The sizes of bed linen from sateen are defined by size of a bed which it will add and undoubtedly will decorate, having provided a sound sleep to its owners.

Satin bedding

The advantages of satin sets

The beauty of satin bedding is not inferior to silk, but costs several times cheaper. It is durable, durable, pleasant to the touch, able to withstand more than 200 washes. Sateen fabric has antistatic properties, does not cause irritation, allergies, does not fade when washed and does not shrink. On the seamy side, the surface of the satin is rough, which ensures good adhesion to the mattress. Lingerie does not slip and does not wrinkle.

How to choose satin bedding

Responsible competent manufacturer always indicates information about the product on the package. After studying it, you can draw conclusions about the quality of bed linen. Preference should be given to the kit, made of 100% cotton.

Satin bedding

The density of sateen should be 120 knots / sq cm, or 120 g / cubic meters. Higher values ​​are admissible, but not lower than indicated. You can determine the strength of a fabric by checking how strong it is. Through quality durable satin can not see anything except the light source. If the outlines of objects are distinguishable, the fabric is not strong enough.

The structure of the surface of the linen should be uniform, smooth to the touch. This is the guarantor of a long service life kit.

Caring for satin bedding

Proper care of bed linen will ensure a long service life and the safety of its best properties. Wash satin linen should be in cool water. This can be done manually. When machine washable, it is also necessary to observe a temperature regime not exceeding 40-50 C. The fabric is better preserved if exposure to high temperatures is avoided, therefore, satin linen should not be ironed.

It is better to wash the linen with the pattern with the seamy side out. The duvet cover and pillow covers must be unscrewed and fastened.

Satin bedding

When washing white linen can not use bleach, only mild synthetic detergents.

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