Sanatoriums of Crimea for 2019 with treatment

The peninsula of Crimea has a favorable location for the treatment of various types of diseases, since even the climate itself and the flora help to improve well-being without medical intervention, but it is necessary to take into account temperature conditions in different seasons and hours of the day. The peninsula is located in the South-West of Russia, and the Azov and Black seas wash it. Crimea was separated from the Taman Peninsula by the Kerch Strait. The mountain ranges are uniquely and beautifully located - they form three parallels separated by two valleys. The most famous and visited tourists are the peaks of Ai-Petri, its maximum height is the first four ordinal digits of the decimal number system: 1234 meters, and Chatyr-Dag, its height is 1527 m. It is rich in Crimea and inland waters, they are sources of treatment.


Types of Sanatoriums in Crimea

The ancient Greeks glorified the Crimean climate and conditions for treatment and built temples of beauty and health there. Depending on the geography of the sanatorium, certain types of medical procedures are carried out.

On the southern coast there is a mild climate, the air is filled with evaporation of the sea and flora is developed.Treatment of the respiratory tract, nervous system, blood circulation is carried out due to the action of the Crimean herbs.

Sanatoriums of Crimea for 2019 with treatment

In the east of Crimea, the climate is seaside, the air is filled with iodine content, there is healing mud and mineral springs are located. Sanatoriums of the gastric, nervous, cardiac and endocrine systems, as well as respiratory diseases are cured. Basically, sanatoriums there are aimed at the general strengthening of health and immunity.

The climate on the west coast is mild, with the help of curative mud, mineral waters and brines, skin diseases, the nervous system, urological and gynecological diseases, including infertility, are treated. The first sanatoriums with treatment appeared in the Crimea in the 19th century. Now their number is large and the rest in them is popular, because they are no longer the semblance of hospitals with canteens and gyms.

Now sanatoriums are like elite hotels, in which accommodation is inexpensive, but you can still improve your health with qualified specialists, and the mentality of people is such that they rarely check their health, but in sanatoriums you can combine business with pleasure.

Sanatoriums in the Crimea in 2019:

Living and health conditions in all the resorts is different.The table shows the popular resorts of Crimea and prices for 2019:

Name and location Description Price per day for 1 person
"Simeiz" Yalta The price includes food, accommodation, treatment. On the basis of the sanatorium: halotherapy, therapeutic baths, swimming pool, climate therapy. From 1100 rubles
"Mountain" Yalta Accommodation with treatment. Aerotherapy, swimming pool, mud therapy, therapeutic baths From 1600 rubles
"Friendship" Evpatoria Treatment with accommodation,hydrotherapy, inhalation, speleochamber, mud therapy From 1900 rubles
"Dream" Evpatoria Accommodation with treatment, mud therapy, mineral waters, speleochamber, pool From 2000 rubles
"Alushta" Accommodation with treatment, diadynamic therapy, ozokeritotherapy, magnetic therapy, d'arsonval. From 1560 rubles
"Kurpaty" Yalta Treatment accommodation, swimming pool, aerophytoinotherapy, speleochamber, electro-mud therapy From 2315 rubles

Due to the mild climate, visiting the Crimean sanatoriums is popular with children, because today you do not need to receive a special referral, but you can buy a ticket there.

Sanatoriums of Crimea for 2019 with treatment

In this case, if you take advantage of early booking, and buy a ticket, for example, even in winter, you can save well, up to 50% of the cost of living. But information about which health resorts it is possible should be clarified with the official tour operators.

Travel Tips

Numerous reviews of tourists indicate that registration of a spa card can save time to determine the direction of treatment. However, if it is not there, it does not mean that they will not be accepted to the sanatorium. You can arrange a map on the spot. It will cost an average of 1000 rubles per person. Sanatoria on their sites often publish information about discounts for pensioners - they really are valid and can significantly save the budget. Discounts and promotions are often published on the websites of resorts, so carefully read the desired health resorts before you pay for your stay. In view of the fact that prices for vacations in sanatoriums are low, it’s worth choosing a ticket with a maximum of services, so a tour around the Crimea will be better served by a guide, because it’s difficult to circumvent sign places on the peninsula, and professionals can consistently and interestingly tell everything.

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