Salary of doctors in 2018

Russia began to implement the “May Decrees” of the 2012 President. Thus, the government said that the salary of doctors in 2018 will be 200% of the average for the economy in the region. As for the rest of the medical staff, their growth will be 100%.


Putin: what will be the increase in salaries to doctors

In the coming year, salaries of public sector employees will rise by an average of 23%. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance at the end of 2017. Speaking by industry, wage growth will be about 4.1%. However, experts are confident that this increase will not be noticeable to the Russians, and this increase is aimed, rather, at curbing the decline in real incomes of the population.

Salary of doctors in 2018

President Vladimir Putin spoke about the fact that it is necessary to support public sector workers in the spring of 2012, in the so-called “May Decrees.” Then, among others, doctors were named, whose salaries should also be increased.

«Doctors will have a wage level doubled from the average in the economy of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation"- said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.Due to the crisis of 2014, the implementation of presidential decrees has somewhat stopped, but now the government plans to allocate funds for their implementation in the following amounts:

Federal budget
2018 769.6 billion rubles
2019 735.4 billion rubles
2020 714 billion rubles

In total, it is planned to conduct indexation to public sector employees twice:

  • October 1, 2019;
  • October 1, 2020.

Those regions where there may be difficulties with recalculation are planned to provide support for partial reimbursement of expenses.

The latest news: wages will rise to 200%

Since 2014, the country has experienced a decline in real incomes of the population. So, four years ago, their decline was 0.7%, in 2015 - 3.2%, and in 2016 - 5.9%. Thus, an increase in the level of wages is aimed at stopping this rate of decline, so the Russians will not particularly feel the indexation.

Salary of doctors in 2018. Last news

Meanwhile, the latest news, citing Sergei Sobyanin, who is the mayor of Moscow, reports that the salaries of metropolitan doctors have doubled since 2010. Next year, according to Sobyanin, they will reach 114 thousand rubles. The reorganization of health care allowed us to receive such a sum.This is several times higher than in other regions of Russia and almost twice as high as the average salary in Moscow. However, a number of surveys showed that the average income of Moscow physicians is 64.73 thousand rubles, and in the regions - 42.17 thousand rubles. Presidential "may decrees" said that by 2018, the salary of doctors will increase to 200 of the average payment in the region.

If we talk about the execution of decrees in the regions, then in the Omsk region reported on the increase in the level of wages, while he remained at the same level. The regional Ministry of Health said they were talking about redistribution, not indexation. In other words, salaries have increased in the region, but incentive payments, the amount of which depends on the quality of the doctor’s work, patient complaints and a number of other factors, will vary. Thus, the total amount of monthly payment will remain the same.

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