Russian riders at the World Cup in 2018

Quite recently, Russia's rivals decided on. Frankly speaking, Stanislav Cherchesov's wards were lucky with a draw, and many experts predict an easy passage of the team in the 1/8 final. In fact, not everything is so simple, because the opponents who came across are “dark horses” who are able to present unpleasant surprises to the Russian footballers.

Group "A"

So, the group "A", initially headed by Russia, included:

  • Egypt;
  • Uruguay;
  • Saudi Arabia.

2018 World Cup Group

Agree, from the list of star teams that will come to Mundial, the opponents of the Russian team at the 2018 World Cup did not get the strongest opponents. The Swedish journalists were quick to explain the successful lot with heated balloons: the participants of the drawing of lots supposedly knew in advance which sphere to draw. Representatives of the national football categorically reject these accusations, arguing that from a technical point of view such frauds are impossible.The plastic cools down in a few minutes, and the draw in the Kremlin on December 1 lasted almost an hour.

Saudi Arabian team

The first opponent of Russia in the opening match at the 2018 World Cup will be the team of Saudi Arabia. The game will be held on June 14 at the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium, which seats 81 thousand spectators. “Desert Eagles” are the most mysterious team of Mundial, because the level of skill of the players can be judged, perhaps, by the matches of the local championship. The team leader is the 33-year-old defender of Usman Havsavi, who has played 122 matches for Saudi Arabia. He even tried his hand at the Belgian championship, where he played for Anderlecht just one match.

Saudi Arabian team

It is noteworthy that the “eagles of the desert” in three months was replaced by several trainers. Bert van Marveyk led the team to the World Championships, after which the Argentinian Edgardo Bausse replaced him. He stayed at the helm of the national team for just over two months, losing the post to Juan Antonio Pizzi. A talented specialist was unable to bring Chile to the Mundial, resigned, but could not resist the proposal to lead the national team of Saudi Arabia. Surely Pizzi has a few tactical surprises in store for Russia, so you shouldn’t relax in the match with the Saudis.

Team of Egypt

Opponents of the Russian team at the 2018 World Cup will go on increasing. A match with Egypt is scheduled for June 19th. “Pharaohs” are rightfully considered to be the strongest football team in Africa and qualified without any difficulties. Among the main stars of the team we note:

  • Ahmed Al-Muhammadi (Aston Villa);
  • Mohammed el-Nenny (Arsenal);
  • Omar Haber ("Basel");
  • Ahmed Hassan ("Braga").


Team of Egypt

The "Pharaohs", unlike many teams Mundialya, has a pronounced leader. Mohammed Salah, who plays for Liverpool, has achieved serious game progress and claims to be the best player in the English Premier League. On the account of Salah already 30 goals for the national team, and this number is likely to increase in the framework of the planetary championship.

The team is headed by Hector Cooper, who twice led the Spanish "Valencia" in the Champions League final. The specialist knows how to beat more masterful opponents in important matches, and has instilled tough discipline in Egypt. In order to get 3 points in a duel with the "Pharaohs", the Russians will have to make every effort.

Uruguay national team

At the end of the group stage on June 25, the Russians will play with the most formidable opponent - the Uruguay team.Two-time world champions qualified in the South American zone confidently and steadily, taking second place after magnificent Brazil. In the "celestial" two superstars:

  • Edison Cavani (“PSG”);
  • Luis Suarez ("Barcelona").

It is on this attacking duo that the main hopes of Uruguayan fans who dream of the next, third title of champions are laid. In addition to these players, there are a lot of high-class players in the team, including Diego Godina (Atletico Madrid), José Maria Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Maxi Pereira (Porto), and others. Obviously, Uruguay will become Russia's most serious rival at the 2018 World Cup.

Uruguay national team

On the coaching bridge, “heavenly” since 2006, has been led by Oscar Tabares. A specialist is already 70 years old, and recently his health often leads a trainer. For example, he was not present at the draw in the Kremlin for medical contraindications. Fans of the team hope that the helmsman will recover to Mundial, and Uruguay will be able to avoid coaching permutations.

Thus, many are already discussing possible rivals of the Russian team in the World Cup at the stage of 1/8 finals, considering the group to be quite passing.Unfortunately, this is far from the case, because each team in the Quartet “A” can get into the knockout round, demonstrating the will to win and fighting spirit.

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