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In our country there are a large number of citizens who wish to improve their living conditions. Despite the economic crisis, the construction of housing and infrastructure continues in the Russian Federation. This is facilitated by various mortgage lending programs, including the “Young Family”. Due to the decline in the purchasing power of citizens, the pace of construction in 2019 may decrease. Time will tell how sellers and buyers of real estate will react to the crisis. We will try to fully inform our readers with all the trends in the construction business.

As for the capital, according to experts, the cost of housing in it is quite high. This is due not only to the high cost of land and overcoming administrative barriers, but also expensive construction loans. In order to attract a buyer, the developer is forced to improve the quality indicators of residential properties. This in turn leads to an even higher price.

The construction of new houses is carried out according to modern technologies, with the construction of the necessary infrastructure and in ecologically clean areas. Now you can choose apartments of the most different layouts and price categories.In the articles of this category, you will find information not only on the progress of the construction of popular properties, but also on well-known developers.

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