Roof and attic of a country house

All roofs consist of two important elements: the outer layer, called the roof, and the supporting structure. The roof serves as protection against climatic phenomena, and the supporting structure blocks the span between the roof and the wall.

There is a mass of materials from which you can make a roof. These materials are classified according to various criteria. So, in the form of such roofs are distinguished: roll, sheet, piece and mastic. Depending on the material used, there are metal roofs, as well as construction of roofing material and asbestos cement. According to the type of binding element, polymeric, bituminous and mixed materials are distinguished. The basis is fiberglass, foil, cardboard, fiberglass and polyester. Foil, various dressings, solutions, etc. are used as a protective layer.

The required slope is created thanks to roof trusses, which must meet certain requirements of strength and rigidity. The triangle is taken as the basis for trusses for roofing, because it is a rigid and practical construction.With regard to the choice of the slope, then you need to consider some factors.

The first factor is the climatic features. For areas with frequent precipitation choose a slope with an angle of 45 ° and more. However, a large slope is not suitable for areas with frequent winds, because such a roof will increase the wind load on the house.

The next factor is the type of roofing material. For slate, tile, and other artificial materials, choose an angle of inclination not less than 22 ° - then the water will not seep through the joints of the roofing tiles.

And finally, the last factor is the price. The steeper the angle of the roof, the more materials will be required, and, accordingly, the cost of the roof will increase.

Attic country house

If the country house has the desire and opportunity to build an attic, then your cottage will turn into a very comfortable dwelling. The great advantage of the attic is a significant increase in living space. The vacant space in the attic can be rationally used for a variety of residential and business needs.

Many people think that only “cut” roofs are suitable for the attic, which allow to build vertical walls.Believe me: in practice, the owners manage to arrange a mansard room and under the "broken" roof, and under the usual, gable.

In the attic room you can arrange not only a warehouse for storage of household attributes, but also a living room. You can arrange the attic windows on the sides of the gable roof - it is very convenient. However, such a window is suitable for a roof with a slope angle of 45 °. This is the most economical and simple option. You can install full-profile windows that will occupy the entire gable, if the angle of the gable roof is more than 45 °. The size of the windows in the attic is calculated depending on how strong the illumination you need. Thanks to roofing and dormer windows, additional lighting and ventilation is created. Therefore, they are usually located on opposite slopes.

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