Retirement experience in 2019

In 2015, amendments to the law on pensions were adopted. According to him, over the course of 10 years, the minimum work experience will increase annually. Because of this, every year the employee must present different data on how many years he has officially worked in order to be eligible for the insurance pension.

In addition, sometimes there is talk that the value of the minimum work experience should be reviewed and further increased. Due to the fact that some of this information is unverified, there are constant disturbances in the population on this issue.

Minimum work experience in 2019

Changes in the issue of calculating pensions, the government initiated in 2015. Under the current system, to receive an insurance pension, a citizen must have a certain number of years for which he officially held any position, as well as a certain number of retirement points.

The points are calculated on the basis of the work experience and the size of a citizen’s salary for each worked year. In 2015, it was necessary to have 5 years of experience and 6.6 retirement points.

However, the amendments to the law initiated the growth of the minimum indicators: the minimum length of service until 2025 should increase by a year (until it reaches 15 years), and the minimum number of retirement points - by 2.4 (until it reaches 30). So, for 2019, a citizen will have to have 10 years of work experience for retirement, as well as 16.2 retirement points.

If these figures are below the minimum threshold, then the calculation of the pension will be denied until the moment when the citizen collects the required number of years and points. If, 5 years after reaching the retirement age, it is not possible to do this, then the person will receive a social pension. Its size is noticeably lower than insurance.

Increase the minimum length of service

seniority for calculating pensions in 2019

News about the possible increase in the minimum work experience now and then appear in the news. Also multiply about this measure rumors among the population. There are no official data on such a decision - even discussions on this issue are denied by the government.However, some publications publish news, citing sources close to the government of the state.

The last time news about this was published in October 2017. According to several publications, the government widely discussed the additional increase in the minimum length of service, but these discussions were closed, so the media were only able to learn from people who directly participated in them.

According to these reports, the government cannot find an optimal way out of this situation. The main problem is the deficit of the Pension Fund, which is growing steadily, which means that taxes paid by working citizens are not enough.

retirement experience in 2019

The most popular solution to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund is to increase the retirement age. However, knowing that the population can take such a step extremely negatively, the government is in no hurry to do it.

Increasing the minimum length of service is considered a real alternative to raising the retirement age. The fact is that this will provoke not only a decrease in the total amount of pensions. Working peoplewho are going to continue to apply for insurance pension, will receive an incentive to work officially. After all, only in this case, they will earn seniority.

Therefore, many officials claim that with an increase in the minimum work experience, people will refuse gray wages and switch to fully official earnings. Even if they have a work experience, and they hide part of their income, this will certainly affect the number of their retirement points.

required seniority for retirement

And their number in turn will affect the amount of pension payments in the future. Experts say that there is nothing wrong with the additional increase, because on average, pensioners now have 20 years of experience.

However, the Ministry of Labor even denies any discussions about such an initiative. The ministry states that such a measure is not relevant.

Raising the retirement age

Another pressing issue is raising the retirement age. He has been expected in Russia for a very long time for several reasons. First, the deficit of the PFR is growing, which severely hits the state treasury. Secondly, life expectancy is increasing, which increases the burden on the Pension Fund.

minimum work experience for pension

A large number of working pensioners also suggests that the retirement age can be raised and this will not be a big blow to the population. However, the citizens of Russia consider differently and for the most part they have a negative attitude towards this measure.

The practice of raising the retirement age is used in many countries and is quite an effective measure. Experts note that the retention of these indicators at the old level greatly hinders the economic development of Russia. Therefore, experts agree that raising the retirement age is an unavoidable measure.

Vnesheconombank predicted that the change in this indicator will begin in 2020. Official data on the plans of the government on this issue yet. However, everything suggests that while maintaining the difficult economic situation in the country, the authorities will be forced to take such a measure.

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