Retirement age in 2019: latest news

Raising the retirement age was planned a few years ago. Of course, this topic concerns almost all citizens. After lengthy discussions, the authorities reported that the retirement age will increase for absolutely all categories of citizens. What should expect retirees in 2019? Consider this question in more detail.

The Pension Fund reports that the inevitable increase in the retirement age will begin in 2019. The good news is that the process is phased and there will not be any “sharp jumps”. A smooth increase in the retirement age of men will increase by six months annually and by 2028 will reach 65 years, among women 60 years.

Why raise?

Many citizens are interested in why the age has been raised. After all, even without reform, the length of service for ordinary people is quite high. Of course, in its current form, the Russian pension system is completely ineffective. Raising the retirement age, coupled with other reforms, will improve the state of the pension fund.

The increase is due to the fact that the rapidly increasing number of pensioners not only creates a powerful burden on the Russian budget, but may also lead to a reduction in payments. In other words, the working Russians will not be able to maintain their fellow citizens who are on pensions.

The unfavorable economic situation in the country is also pushing for innovations. The budget of the Russian Federation has been greatly shaken by the crisis, therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to provide an unworkable percentage of citizens. Without raising the retirement threshold, the payments themselves can be drastically reduced by two to three times.

With an increase in the retirement age, the state will be able to save up to 1.7 trillion budget rubles. But hardly retired it will calm.

Retirement table from 2019

For men

Retirement year Year of birth Age
2020 1959 61
2022 1960 62
2024 1961 63
2026 1962 64
2028 1963 65

For women

Retirement year Year of birth Age
2020 1964 56
2022 1965 57
2024 1966 58
2026 1967 59
2028 1968 60

Disadvantages of reform

Although the authorities actively emphasize the need to raise the age bracket, most citizens do not agree with their decision. First of all, Russians are worried about the increasing shortage of vacancies and jobs.Indeed, with an increase in the number of able-bodied citizens, it will be necessary to create additional opportunities for their work activities.

One of the “against” factors is the lack of jobs for the new generation.

Since older people will leave vacancies much later, students and newly graduated citizens will have nowhere to go. This is especially true for small cities where there are no large enterprises.

Low life expectancy in Russia also leaves its mark on the opinion of citizens. Many believe that they simply “will not live to see” their pension payments.

But the government warns that in modern realities, without raising the retirement age in 2019, the economy will be hit hard.


After the introduction of the widely discussed pension reform, the majority of Russian residents were unhappy. But for her there were reasons. As mentioned above, raising the retirement age will go along with raising social standards.

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