Restoring a bath with liquid acrylic: repair enamel coating with your own hands

Facing the need to replace the bath, which has lost all its appeal, the owner feels the horror. After all, the replacement will entail a full-scale repair, and this is a lot of time and money.

A reasonable alternative in this case is the restoration of the bath with liquid acrylic. This type of repair will be much cheaper, especially if you do it yourself.

Options for repairing a bath with liquid acrylic

The usual bath, in which the mother still bathed the baby, over time began to look unpleasant - chipped, rust appeared, in some places it became rough. Yes, and wash it clean was simply impossible.

Many owners of iron and steel baths have to deal with such a situation. Their plumbing is usually 10, 15 years or more. After 12-20 years of use, your favorite bath looks very pitiable, and in order to wash it, you will need to make titanic efforts every time.

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Economic and technological advantages
Economic and technological advantages
Restoration of quality characteristics
Restoration of quality characteristics
Restoration of a surface of a bowl of a hydromassage bath
Restoration of a surface of a bowl of a hydromassage bath
Allowable to restore the degree of wear
Allowable to restore the degree of wear

To repair the old enamel, without starting a terrible repair, you can use liquid acrylic. This material was specifically designed to update the surface and improve the performance properties of bathing containers and other sanitary products.

Liquid acrylic is not afraid of chips
For liquid acrylic, cracks and scratches are not terrible - having sealed up the chips with automotive putty and having dried this place with a household hairdryer, you can safely pour acrylic. He will cover this spot completely, leaving no hint of chipping

To restore peeling enamel old bath, you can use several methods:

  • invite dear specialist;
  • find a cheap master;
  • do everything yourself.

Cooperation with an expensive and experienced master can be very pleasant - for many years the end result of his work will please the whole family and many acquaintances. But the work of such a specialist can not be cheap. And the reviews about the company itself should be positive. Well, if one of your friends / acquaintances, this company has already made a similar repair, and they were satisfied.

 Good craftsmen are expensive
Good craftsmen who perform their work with high quality know their value.They will never start offering additional paid services during their work.

Too high cost of services, which stands out against the general background of such proposals, should be alerted. Such firms, according to employees, use only imported materials. It is the high cost of foreign acrylic and the high level of professionalism of their masters that explain their prices.

In fact, these firms, most often, turn out to be scammers. The works are performed in violation of the technology, and the material itself is further diluted to a too liquid state in order to reduce its consumption. This is fraught with peeling, yellowing and peeling of new enamel.

Liquid Acrylic Diluted with Solvent
Liquid acrylic, diluted with a solvent or other substance, will fall very thin. The bath will be deprived of those properties that the customer expects from it after the update.

In the course of the work of the master of dishonest companies take extra money for each of their actions. After payment, no one answers the calls of outraged bath owners. They do not correct their mistakes.

As an alternative to the expensive master - to find cheap. There are a lot of offers to make quickly, efficiently and, most attractively, inexpensively, on the Internet. But contact with such miracle professionals will be more expensive.

First, no one will work at a loss. A quality material can not be cheap. Secondly, you need to add to the cost of acrylic painstaking work on the preparation of the surface. All this in total can not be cheap.

The use of bad materials and the violation of technology will please only the price. A bath in a couple of months, at best, will sometimes turn yellow, and at worst - it will begin to climb.

Bad stuff
Diluted liquid acrylic will cover the surface with a thin film, which will fly away from the surface in a month or two.

The best option is to work on the restoration of the enamel surface of the bath with your own hands. After all, who, if not himself, can be fully trusted without fear of deception.

Independent implementation of the restoration process will require additional knowledge, consumables, and patience. Also, you need to understand the essence of the chosen type of repair work and take into account important trifles, without which it is impossible to achieve an optimal result.

Stages of the recovery process

Having decided to do everything with your own hands, you have to stock up on free time, patience and the desire to do everything qualitatively. Moreover, many home masters like to do homework on their own.After all, what could be more pleasant than defeating another difficulty, then for several years to admire the excellent work and proud of it.

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Preparation of septechniki for pouring liquid acrylic
Preparation of septechniki for pouring liquid acrylic
Preparation of enamelling agent
Preparation of enamelling agent
Cleaning and degreasing the surface
Cleaning and degreasing the surface
Putting liquid acryl on boards of bathroom equipment
Putting liquid acryl on boards of bathroom equipment
Enamel Distribution
Enamel Distribution
Spatula treatment of problem areas
Spatula treatment of problem areas
Full zilivka bath liquid acrylic
Full zilivka bath liquid acrylic
Operation of the reconstructed bath
Operation of the reconstructed bath

The first thing that needs to be done to restore the enamel coating of the bath that has lost its decent appearance is to estimate the total size of the upcoming work.

Bulk bath of any shape
The use of liquid acrylic allows you to update the bath even the most original form, the main thing is to do the job well

To do this, you should carefully examine your capacity, drawing attention to the following points:

  • suitability of the bath for further use;
  • the method of its installation;
  • joints with the wall;
  • the presence of a screen lined with tiles;
  • state of overflow;
  • bath size;
  • the current color of the product and the desired after recovery;
  • the state of enamel on the sides and bottom of the tank;
  • the presence of chips, cracks, rust;
  • condition of the crane - flowing or not.

All these nuances are important for the organization of the further repair process. First, the presence of chips, deep cracks and rust can significantly affect the overall condition of the tank and its suitability for long service.

If the damage is minor, then the rust is easy to clean, chipped and large cracks are fixed with automotive putty, and liquid acrylic will cope with minor ones. This repair material, like a diving suit, fits tightly into all the depressions and bulges, successfully masking the cracks.

Wall protection during repairs
Carefully wrapped walls will be protected from accidental splashes and damage. Indeed, in the process of work, you can accidentally get them dirty.

If there is a tile in the bathroom, it will have to be protected from accidental contact with materials and tools during the repair process. To do this, you will need masking tape, a special film to protect against construction dust or newspapers, unnecessary wallpaper, and rags. For the floor it is better to use paper or matter, for the walls and the screen - film and tape.

The worn parts of the overflow are to be replaced with new ones, because they still need to be removed during the restoration work.If these products are in good condition or recently changed, then it will be possible to save on the purchase of new ones.

Restoration work is absolutely not allowed with a leaking tap. Water that drips onto a surface treated with bulk acrylic or, even worse, trapped under a layer of material during the pouring process, will ruin everything. The coating will not stick or begin to fall off.

The size of the bath depends on the desired volume of liquid acrylic. Capacities with a length of 1.5 or 1.7 m are most common. There are also non-standard variants that considerably exceed this length. In such cases, it is important not to forget to mention this fact when purchasing acrylic material. After all, you need to buy a number that is enough to restore the enamel.

As for color, liquid acrylic has a white, creamy or milky white color. If you need a different shade, you must immediately buy tinting paste from the same manufacturer.

Color bathtub
When you want to change the color palette of the bathroom, you can make the filling bath color, choosing the appropriate shade

Having carefully examined the inner surface of the bath, it is necessary to prepare a power tool with the appropriate nozzle or, if it is not available, a wooden bar with emery paper.All this is useful for getting rid of the excessive smoothness left on the side or the inner sides of the bath.

Cleaning, laundering and drying

When all the preliminary measurements have been made and the necessary tools have been prepared, you can begin to prepare the container for recovery. To do this, over its entire surface, you need to go grinder with an emery grinding wheel or other abrasive discs.

Also, to give all areas uniform roughness, you can use a drill with a rubber nozzle and emery. If there is no power tool, then a simple wooden block and sandpaper is quite suitable. Only time for processing will take much more.

Power tool for surface preparation
If possible, it is better to use a power tool. It will help to significantly remove the remaining gloss and remove rust.

Grinding is dusty and dirty. It is important to use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from the ingress of dust and pieces of old enamel in the nose, ears, eyes and lungs.

Having finished grinding, remove dust not only in the tank itself, but also in the whole room. Then the bath is thoroughly washed with soda, pemolyuksy or other substance. It is necessary for degreasing.Make this procedure better 2-3 times, thoroughly wash everything with warm water.

Surface degreasing
Degreasing allows applied acrylic to adhere tightly with the remnants of factory enamel

After finishing the laundering, everything has to be dried. Warm water, flushing degreasing agent, provides fast drying. But in hard-to-reach places - at the junction of the bath with the wall, in the corners, water always remains. To remove it is better to use a household or building hair dryer. Also, you need to remove the drain and overflow grating and clean the places under them.

Drying old bath
If you use a construction dryer for drying, you need to be extremely careful - a powerful stream of hot air can burst the tiles

After drying, it is better to once again thoroughly vacuum everything and stick a protective coating on the walls and screen. The rest of the furniture in the bathroom must also be wrapped. Lay paper / old newspapers on the floor and wrap the tap over the bathtub in plastic or plastic bag.

Grinding, degreasing and drying will ensure the best possible adhesion of the surface to the bulk material.

Acrylic: how to choose and cook

To get a quality coating in place of old and peeling enamel, you need to buy a good bulk acrylic and properly prepare it.So, about 3 kg of liquid acrylic is used for a 1.5 m bath. Consumption depends on the individual characteristics of the purchased product - all manufacturers have different ways.

Liquid acrylic and shelf life
In no case can the bath surface be restored with liquid acrylic that has expired; the coating will peel off in a matter of days.

There are many different offers on the building materials market. As evidenced by the practice of using self-leveling acrylic by various craftsmen, the best are Stakril Ecolor, PlastAll, ECO-BATH.

When buying liquid acryl, it is necessary to inquire about the documents confirming its quality, safety and that it really relates to this material. After all, buying a fake is a snap without having made sure that the relevant documents are available. Also, we must look at the expiration date - expired material is unsuitable for repair.

When purchased high-quality acrylic, along with it comes a bottle of hardener. These 2 substances to be thoroughly mixed. This should be done strictly according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Moreover, the time of kneading, hardening and drying in different brands is different.

Acrylic and hardener bottle
All bona fide manufacturers offer goods in the form of a set consisting of a container with an acrylic billet and a bottle with a hardener. The amount of these substances is clearly dosed, it is enough just to mix them with each other.

In order to properly prepare the mixture, you need to carefully and for a long time, as indicated in the instructions, mix the ingredients. Acrylic should be homogeneous, both at the bottom of the tank and on the side walls. If this is not achieved, the non-uniform material that formed the new acrylic surface of the old bath will turn yellow.

After finishing the kneading according to the instructions, you may have to wait 5-10 minutes, and then repeat the mixing process. These are also the individual characteristics of a particular material. Here it is important not to rush, so as not to whip into a foam. We must try to avoid the appearance of bubbles.

Heated liquid acrylic
If materials were brought from the street, where it is rather cold and frosty, they must first be brought to room temperature. Can be heated in a container with warm water.

If the future coating is planned to be colored, then the necessary amount of tinting paste is added during the mixing process.In the case when the updated bath will be black, it is better to immediately buy liquid acrylic called shungite. His formula is well developed by the manufacturer, which will protect the home wizard from mistakes in calculating the right amount of dye.

Black bulk acrylic
Black bath is able to revive the interior room. For this, it is not necessary to buy new plumbing equipment - you can use black self-level acrylic

Another important point in the preparation of liquid acrylic - you can not add to it the solvent or any other substance, except for the hardener that comes in the kit. Otherwise, this material will have nothing to do with liquid acrylic. You need to immediately buy the right amount to have enough for dousing the entire bath.

Acrylic douche and cleaning

When the mixture is ready, it is necessary to quickly and accurately pour the prepared surface of the bath. To do this, take a plastic cup, put on gloves and begin to water the container, starting from the far corner. Go in a circle, generously pouring liquid acrylic on the side. Closing the upper circle, proceed to pouring the second circle from the middle of the sides. At the bottom with a rubber spatula everything is leveled.

Acrylic layer thickness
The material is quite dense. Flowing smoothly, it fills small cracks, forming a layer of about 0.3-0.8 cm. The bottom of the container is thicker - from 6 mm, it is thus strengthened

If air bubbles have formed on the surface, it is better to take a wide brush and, barely touching the fresh layer, burst them. This is done before the material begins to harden.

So that liquid acrylic does not flow down to the floor through an open drain hole, a small glass or other container is inserted there.

When the pouring is complete, care should be taken to calm and completely dry the renewed bath. After all, the ingress of dust, hair, lint and other things will spoil the impeccable appearance of the coating.

Full drying time is clearly indicated in the instructions. It is from 24 to 48 hours, sometimes more. Only when everything is dry, it is necessary to carefully cut the acrylic drops at the bottom of the drain hole from the outside and put in place the drain and overflow. Also, you can remove the protective coating from the walls, furniture, floor and use the bathroom for your pleasure.

High-quality update will allow you to enjoy a beautiful capacity for many years. It is important to properly care for him and not to drop the hammer or knives inside.Scratches that occur during operation can be easily repaired with special tools included in the repair kit for acrylic baths.

Repair kit for acrylic bath
A special kit, sold to restore minor scratches on an acrylic bath, will cope with the repair of similar problems in bulk

It is also necessary to care for liquid acrylic coating like for an acrylic bath - wash with a soapy soft sponge or special agent.

Pesky bugs: what to fear

Independent work on updating the bath with liquid acrylic requires not only the observance of a certain technology. It is also important not to allow blunders that will negate all efforts. Moreover, knowing about the features of the material itself and not having practical experience with it, it is easy enough to miss something important.

In the future, such small nuances will quickly invalidate the recently restored enamel. She may begin to peel off and peel off the bath surface.

The main mistakes made during the restoration work:

  • buying a fake instead of liquid acrylic;
  • improper mixing of components;
  • poor quality surface preparation;
  • residues of moisture in hard to reach places;
  • improper temperature conditions;
  • dust and other inclusions;
  • early operation of restored capacity.

Liquid acrylic is in demand among craftsmen professionally engaged in repair work. Also, among the townsfolk, who decided on an independent restoration of the old and dead bath. Therefore, to buy a fake instead of quality material is quite simple.

Small acrylic bath
The undoubted advantage of bulk acrylic is that it is able to cope with the restoration of any absolute bath - both small and huge. The main thing is to buy enough material

Unscrupulous sellers offer expensive acrylic made in Finland, Germany or Slovenia to cash in on an inexperienced consumer. In fact, in these countries they have not heard anything about the products allegedly made by them.

Another mistake is incorrectly mixed components. To avoid such an annoying misunderstanding, you need to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and only then proceed to its letter-by-letter execution.

Instructions on the back of the can
Instructions and useful recommendations from the manufacturer of the material are usually printed on the back of a can of acrylic enamel, which is to be mixed with hardener.

If you prepare the surface of the bath to be restored “at random”, ignoring the recommendations of experienced craftsmen, the result will be deplorable. Within a month, bubbles will appear and the gloss will peel off, revealing the dull outlines of the old container.

Water remaining in some places will ruin all the work. The fact is that liquid acrylic will peel off the wet surface.

All work must be carried out at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C. Otherwise, the process of drying of the material can be significantly accelerated, which is especially sad for a home craftsman. An experienced specialist, assessing the temperature in the room, will act in accordance with it.

The ingress of dust, water droplets, lint from towels and other third-party objects on the wet surface of the restored enamel will spoil its appearance. Trying to fix this trouble, you can further aggravate the situation. It is better not to use the room at all after the surface has completely dried.

Bath, restored by liquid acrylic
If the restoration is done correctly, then the old bath can not be distinguished from the new one. She is beautiful, brilliant and snow-white

Of great importance is the observance of the time frame specified by the manufacturer of liquid acrylic. If it is written that after applying the material to its complete drying, 48 hours should pass, then it is impossible to take a bath before the expiration of this period. Otherwise, there will be ugly dents, because acrylic did not have time to finally harden.

Knowing all these mistakes, you can try to avoid them. Then the work will be performed qualitatively, and the updated plumbing will delight you with its perfect smoothness and long service life.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Detailed video for self-recovery of the enamel coating using liquid acrylic:

Video clip with explanations on how to properly prepare the surface before the acrylic treatment of the bath and apply liquid acrylic with your own hands:

A visual video of how low-cost professionals work, who improperly prepared the surface of the bath and used fake or expired material, which they use as acrylic liquid:

Having restored the enamel of your favorite bath yourself, you can save a decent amount from the family budget. The work done will allow not only to enjoy the brilliant appearance of the product, but also to feel a real surge of pride in the fact that all this is done by hand. And the nerves will be fine, avoiding communication with bad masters and hackers.

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