Rest in Abkhazia in the summer of 2019 by the sea

Abkhazia is a small country with a mild climate, delightful air, incredibly beautiful landscapes and hospitable people.

This land is rich in sights. These include both natural - karst caves, ravines and lakes, as well as man-made objects, the ruins of ancient temples, medieval fortresses, as well as more modern buildings. Thus, the rest in Abkhazia will be useful not only for health, but also for expanding horizons.

And if you have not yet decided where to go on vacation in 2019, the answer will be unequivocal - of course, in Abkhazia.

Tourist review of Abkhazia

Before you go to Abkhazia, you need to know what each of its seven districts is famous for.

Sukhumiareais central. It will be interesting to those travelers who wish to visit the capital of the country, as well as see the main archaeological sites. The pilgrims also send their paths to it, because there is the tomb of St. John Chrysostom.

Gagraareamore than one decade holds the palm.On its territory is the city of Gagra - the warmest place in the Caucasus. Tourists are also attracted by first-class infrastructure and the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit grown on local agricultural lands. In addition, the only hippodrome in the country is located in the Gagra region.

Gudauta districtIt is known for its excellent beach resorts, Ritsa Lake, and an artificial waterfall. But most of all New Athos, its rich history, shrines and caves.

Gulrypsh districtsecond by size. Those who wish to be in silence and tranquility, to correct their health are sent to him. This is a paradise for pensioners and moms with children. No excess noise, night clubs, discos. Only charming nature, comfortable beaches and a sea of ​​mandarin.

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Tkuarchalsky DistrictIt is known for thermal springs, the natural wealth of which helps to get rid of diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Ochamchyr districtnot yet as developed in the tourism industry as others. But despite this, no less popular. On its territory is the most revered among the Abkhazians temple of St. George.Attracted the attention of tourists and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a mysterious karst cave and other equally unique sights, which have a historical imprint of many centuries.

Gal districtthe most inaccessible with poorly developed infrastructure. But it attracts tourists interested in the original culture and history. In it you can see unique and rare objects that have survived for many centuries. Pleasant travelers and hospitality, the friendliness of the locals. As well as the opportunity to taste fragrant tea, mandarin, persimmon, nuts, figs grown on local plantations.

To Abkhazia for the New Year 2019

Abkhazia new year 2019

Abkhazia is an incredible country, so why not spend the New Year on its territory?

The holiday will bring only positive emotions and will be remembered for many years. Just imagine, instead of snow-covered streets and blizzards outside the window, eucalyptus and palm trees await you, a bright sun, aromatic wine, the most delicate smoked lamb meat and one of the main symbols of the New Year - tangerines, many, many tangerines. Well, isn't it heaven on earth?

If you still miss the snow, you can go to the mountains, go skiing, snowboarding, breathe in the full chest of pure mountain air.

Spring Abkhazia

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In Abkhazia, with its mild climate, it is warm even in winter. In the spring, it turns into a fabulous country. Everything around blooms and turns green, the air that has notes of the sea is filled with the scent of flowering plants. Citrus fruits bloom in the gardens, giving the surrounding landscapes even greater charm.

In springtime, the country becomes a place where creative people draw strength and energy while contemplating the inspiring landscapes of the region. Many works of art were performed precisely in the expanses of Abkhazia.

Beach vacation in Abkhazia

Abkhazia Gagra in 2019

In summer, Abkhazia becomes a haven for holidaymakers. Lovers of sunbathing under the warm sunshine are coming from all sides.

Many tourists compare Abkhazia with the Maldives. In its resorts not only clear sea, comfortable, pebbled beaches, but also a lot of various entertainment. For adults who prefer an active lifestyle, there is an opportunity to go diving, fly a hang glider and airplane, parachute jumping. For children prepared a lot of fascinating carousels, hotels have children's rooms.

Almost a third of tourists travel to Abkhazia for the purpose of recovery.Many health resorts have been erected throughout the country, where they can help to get rid of many ailments with the help of a specially designed health program. Contributes to this and the air containing sea salts and iodine.

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For those who want to relax not only the body, but also the soul, Abkhazia will also be the best option. Gorgeous landscapes, visiting temples, horseback riding help to recover, get rid of stress and feel that life is really beautiful.

If you decide to go on vacation in 2019 to Abkhazia, you should think in advance about booking tickets and hotel rooms. Analysts predict that every year the influx of tourists into the country will increase significantly.

Autumn in Abkhazia

The first half of autumn allows you to enjoy a beach holiday. Some travel for this precisely at the beginning of autumn, since the sun no longer has such strong activity as in summer, and the water is still warm.

In addition, autumn is the time when the crops are harvested in the gardens and the market is full of fragrant, juicy fruits. It's time to pamper yourself with vitamins.

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Well, when is the best time to go sightseeing, if not in the fall.The days are not so hot, a refreshing breeze blows, and I want to go on a walk or a horse ride.

Among the many attractions that the country simply abounds in, the Novoafon cave has the greatest popularity. Her, of course, put the first item on the list of scheduled places to visit. No less exciting are:

  • Lake Ritz;
  • Anakopia fortress;
  • Gegsky Falls;
  • Gagra Colonnade;
  • the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg;
  • Sukhumi Botanical Garden;
  • Villa Aloisi.

Families with children should go to Gagra, because there is what they adore the most - the water park.

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