Repair of modern washing machines

The qualification of the master in installing and connecting the washing machine is also important as in the repair of equipment. With the right connection, your washing machine will last much longer.

Service center "TehnoServis" provides services for the installation and connection of a wide variety of types of washing machines in Donetsk and Donetsk region. All work is performed by qualified craftsmen in accordance with the rules and recommendations of manufacturers.

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The easiest way to find out about the reliability of a washing machine of a certain brand is to ask the repairman which of the washing machines are being repaired most often and draw the appropriate conclusion.

It is best to purchase washing machines in specialized stores for the sale of household appliances. An experienced sales assistant will be able to answer your questions and give advice on choosing a washing machine.

Options for loading laundry in washing machines.Front loading.The door for loading laundry in such washing machines is in the front, because the axis of rotation of the drum is parallel to the floor. Do not open the door during washing. The cost of front-loading washing machines is cheaper than with a vertical load, but this does not affect the quality of the wash itself.

Vertical loading.The door for loading laundry in such washing machines is on top. Therefore, you can add laundry without stopping the washing program. Top-loading washing machines are compact in size, and are popular with small bath owners, because such washing machines do not need the front space to open the door.

Connection options for washing machine.The washing machine can be connected to both a hot water pipe and a cold water pipe. Connecting to hot water saves energy, which is spent on heating water. On the other hand, hot water contains much more different substances that damage machine parts faster. Another disadvantage is that when the hot water is turned off, the machine will not be washed efficiently.

How to choose the size of the washing machine?First of all, you should decide what free area you have, whether it is possible to install a large car. Secondly, you need to imagine how much washing is expected, the more and more often you have to wash, the larger the machine you will need, or rather the volume of the machine must be large to load a large amount of laundry at once. For a small family of 2-3 people, the machine is optimal with a load of 3 kg. Such machines are usually small and very compact, but they are usually more expensive than large machines. Large washing machines, larger than 3 kg machines, are divided by size into: narrow (32-34 cm); medium (40-45 cm); full-size (50-60 cm).

Characteristics of the washing machine tank.The tank is that capacity in which there is a drum, it can be made of various materials. Previously used enameled tanks, now such machines you rarely meet. Tanks in modern washing machines are made of stainless steel, like a drum, or from polymeric materials. Polymeric materials are good because they are not susceptible to corrosion, resistant to high temperatures, less noisy.

Water consumption and electricity.The flow of water and electricity of a washing machine can be denoted using the first seven letters of the Latin alphabet. Cars of the most economical class are designated Class A, B and C, intermediate class - D and E, uneconomical - F and G. This indicator determines the profitability of the washing machine.

The washing efficiency of the washing machine.This indicator of a washing machine is also determined by classes from A to G. The higher the class, the higher the washing efficiency and, accordingly, the cost of the machine. The washing class shows how well the machine of the chosen brand can wash the laundry. One can be guided by the following rule - a class A car erases perfectly, a class B - very good, a class C - good, D - normal, E - satisfactory, F - bad, G - very bad. Efficiency of moistening laundry with washing solution, i.e. the machine must constantly “lift” the cleaning solution from the bottom and increase the contact of the laundry with the cleaning solution. There are cars with the following types of washing of linen: the drums on which there are special grabs that pick up the cleaning solution in the lower part of the tank and feed it to the top - create the effect of rain (or a shower, as some manufacturers say).There are models that serve the washing solution under pressure inside the drum through special nozzles, in which case the solution will water the laundry, even when the drum is stationary. There are models in which there are additional holes in the back of the drum - they increase the contact of the laundry with the cleaning solution.

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