Renovator: reviews and opinions

Tool Renovator reviews about yourself has, inmostly, positive. Many users consider it a real breakthrough in the construction industry. What is special about this device? This article will tell you about this.

Renovator, price

About the Renovator

Modern tool for renovation, reviews aboutwhich interest many, has become an indispensable helper for home masters. Possessing high power and small dimensions, this unit is capable of performing many functions. The construction works carried out with the help of a renovator become simple and pleasant. The tool is designed so that the biggest load falls on the device itself.

Is it possible to call a new product a rebuilder? Customer feedback compares this tool with some other multifunctional aggregates. However, there are some differences between them. Renovator, in contrast to other devices, uses vibratory movements, rather than rotary or reciprocating.


What are the advantages of a Renovator? User reviews say that they are pleased with the abundance of all kinds of blades and attachments that will be useful for various jobs. With the help of them it will be possible to cut linoleum, nails, cut the plinth, saw metal and plastic pipes and much more. All devices of this series (for example, the "Bosch" revamp) have increased safety of operation - they do not rotate cutting surfaces, like a Bulgarian or a rotor. The housing of the unit does not overheat.

Renovator BoschUsers confirm that when using a vacuum cleaner in a bundle with a vacuum cleaner, it's easy to remove building dust.

Renovator perfectly cuts wood, at the same timeThe cut leaves flat, polished. The device will easily polish the surface of a small area. It is very easy for him to work even at altitude. The unit works fine with gypsum cardboard.


What are the disadvantages of the Renovator? The price of this device, according to customers, is slightly overstated. Its universality, according to users, is relative. This device is not too powerful, so with some problems, for example, with cutting a fairly wide board, it will not cope immediately.

Renovator, reviewsAnother drawback of the modern renovatorusers consider a rather high cost of consumables, sometimes equal to the price of the unit itself. However, manufacturers promise a long service to all the nozzles that are equipped with the device. In addition, the revoder works by vibration. This mode allows to prolong the service life of the nozzles (in comparison with devices working by means of rotation or reciprocating movements).

Summing up

Based on the feedback from customers who already have a Renovator on their premises, the following conclusions can be drawn.

  1. This device will do fine with small work on the au pair. He has many useful functions that allow you to carry out various kinds of homework.
  2. The person who buys a renovator can save a lot, because this unit will replace a Bulgarian, an electric saw, a grinding machine and so on.
  3. Even women can work with the renovator - this device is compact and light.
  4. If there is a big construction or serious repairs, it is worth looking at other construction tools.

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