Renault Alpine 2018

The general management of the concern has been reoriented in accordance with the most advanced trends in the global automotive industry. In accordance with the results of numerous studies of consumer market preferences, the management of the company decided to resume the very popular car brand in the already distant 90s of the last century. A new concept called Alpine was a demonstration of the success and popularity of their original cars. Despite the fact that the predecessor of the novelty has not been produced since 1995, the Renault concern in 2012 once again pleased its fans with the revival of the great sport car brand in cooperation with Caterham, where new equipment and prices were already accepted.


A little about the features of auto Alpina

In 2014, the partnership contract was exhausted and the French designers and technologists continued to work on a fundamentally new concept of the model from the popular Z family. Already today it is known that a series of highly competitive creations from Renault is planned.In the future, in the new body of the crossover of the sports direction Alpine, a whole product range is expected, which will be a significant competitor to the famous offers from leading brands:

  • Macan semi sports car from Porsche;
  • Premium class crossover Mercedes;
  • All-terrain cars of premium authors - Audi and BMW brands.

Renault Alpine 2018

Existing reviews of market experts confirm such a decent perspective. The revival of past glory is quite a promising occupation, and modern experience, innovative approach and acquired over the years have created an ideal solution, which is confirmed by spy photos in the network. Models of this series assume to be highly demanded in the European market. The release date and the beginning of the massive sales have already been appointed in Europe for December of this year, the medium-engine sports car Renault Alpina 2018 - A 110 will be offered in the price range from 58,500 to 60,000 Euros.

New from Reno season 2017 - 2018 perfectly fit into the line of European crossovers, presented at one of the world's leading auto show in Geneva. Specialists have already estimated the equipment, features of technical equipment, economy and ergonometric offer of the Alpin 110 coupe, which will be released in a limited number of not more than 2000 copies.The start of sales in Russia is not indicated, but for Russian fans of speed and comfort, a system of individual orders of right-hand drive models has been developed.

Renault Alpine 2018

We study outside and inside

Concern Renault offers consumers two options for models that do not have drastic differences. Despite the fact that the authors still keep intrigue, on the existing photos you can consider the features of both the coupe and the crossover:

  1. Externally, the two-seater coupe is somewhat reminiscent of its predecessors of the Alpin series - Celebration and Vision. The external shape and geometry of the body somewhat resembles the legend of the French brand in 1961, most likely it is not a step in the past, but the concept of the future. The curb weight of the elegant car 2018 model year is small, about 1100 - 1250 kg thanks to the use of modern lightweight alloys. Thanks to a flat bottom, a high-tech diffuser, a small rear spoiler, other aerodynamic elements, manufacturers have achieved an optimal indicator of downforce without the need for an anti-wing.
  2. Regarding the basics of the sports-type crossover, it can be said that the basis of its size, shape,Geometry and specifications lies the concept of the car series Celebration. The car passed all the endurance tests in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The test drive showed that high performance was achieved thanks to the characteristic body design, front lighting, the shape of the rear glazing, and the neat little hood cover.

Renault Alpine 2018. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The interior is distinguished by a purely French aesthetics, where the ideal main line of design is. The updated version of Renault offers three color classics - blue cornflower, snow white, deep black.

Technique and size

The latest news regarding the technical features of the car is quite modest. In general, about the dimensions and the motor can say the following:

Gasoline engine 4 cylinder Volume 1, 8 liters.
Power l from. 250, 275, 300
Body width cm 179, 80
Auto length cm 417, 80
Body tall cm 125, 20
Aerodynamics k res. 0, 32 Cx

In the future, it is planned to transfer the line to electric power units, which will allow avoiding CO emissions.2into the environment. In turn, this is a guarantee of the safety of human life in the future.

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