Removing paint from walls

January 11, 2011
Renovation of apartments

Removing paint from wallsRemoving paint from the walls can not be attributed to light construction work, but with the right approach, this process can be facilitated and accelerated.

Many begin to prepare painted walls with reflections on what to clean paint, but, as experience shows, you first need to decide whether it is necessary to remove it at all? If the layer of paint is smooth and durable, and the color will not shine through the wallpaper, then the best solution would be to leave everything as it is. But if the paint still interferes with further repair, then there are several ways to get rid of it.

First of all, the type of surface on which the paint was applied affects the methods of removing the coating.

Removing paint from wooden surfaces

It is best to remove paint from wooden windows using an industrial blow dryer, which creates a directional flow of hot air. Under the influence of a hair dryer, the old paint softens and anneals and can be easily removed with a paint spatula (it is thicker and more durable than conventional tools). From hard-to-reach places, the paint is scraped with cycles and spatulas of various shapes and sizes.

Paint removal from concrete

removing old paint from the wallsThis type of work is the most laborious and long.If chalk was used for concrete walls, then everything is quite simple: the surface is moistened with water and the soaked chalk layer is removed with a spatula until a concrete layer appears. After removing the chalk, the walls are covered with a dispersion primer and the surface is ready for further finishing.

If water-based paint was used (it is often used for ceilings), you will have to work hard. Such paint is not washed off with water, and the paint is poorly removed from concrete with an industrial dryer. This device can only be used when the paint layer is very thick. Another option is to use a paint remover. This substance in the form of a transparent gelatinous mass is applied to the painted surface and after a while it is washed off, and the paint can be scraped off with a spatula. The advantage of this method is the absence of dust and noise, and the disadvantages can be attributed to the high cost and slow work.

You can use the grinder with a flap disc, a grinder (not vibration) or coarse sanding paper. This process produces a lot of dust, but you can quickly and efficiently clean the walls.

Removing paint from metal surfaces

The paint is removed from the metal using the same grinder with a flap disc. Especially this method is suitable for non-flat surfaces (for example, for a car wing or bonnet). In small areas use an industrial hair dryer with a maximum temperature or grinding machine. You can also use paint shredders.

Oil paint removal

Surfaces painted with oil paint are very difficult to clean, so you need time and patience. For a thick layer of paint, it is better to use a powerful industrial hair dryer and a grinder, and for thin layers - a grinder with a matching nozzle. Can not be used for removing paint discs for cutting metal, cord brushes, grinding discs and discs for working with concrete. Apply only petal disk. Wiping discs are suitable for removing automotive paint in places of corrosion, and such a disc is not suitable for other surfaces.

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