Redevelopment of a two-room apartment

Housing a modern person should be comfortable, functional and comfortable. But the ideas of comfort are different for everyone, and everyone’s opinion cannot be taken into account when developing standard projects for which most of the houses in our country were built.

Therefore, in order to adapt the available living space for their needs, many are trying to redevelop. Having decided to carry out repairs with redevelopment, you need to remember that to carry out work related to the transfer of walls, the construction of new partitions or intervention in obschedomovye system (heating, ventilation, plumbing, etc.), it is possible only after obtaining the appropriate permission from local authorities.

It is important to know that not all work on redevelopment can be resolved. When issuing a permit, the specialists will take into account the fact that the changes made in one apartment did not cause a deterioration in the living conditions of the neighbors.

For example, if one of the tenants of the house wants to tear down the ventilation box,then all the apartments located downstream of the tower will be cut off from the ventilation system, which naturally leads to unpleasant consequences.

It is also strictly forbidden to demolish or carry the bearing walls of a building. Such redevelopment can cause cracks in the walls or even an emergency collapse of the house.

So, planning a repair, which includes redevelopment, you need to try to find out as much information about your house as possible. It is important to know the year the house was built, the material of its walls. It would be nice to find out the series of the project on which the residential building was built.

Armed with this information, you can draw up a plan for future redevelopment and issue permission for it.

There are several options for redevelopment of a two-room apartment, and the choice of one of them depends on the design of the house. So, if the inner walls of the house are not carrying, then it will be possible to remove such a partition by building a spacious kitchen-living room. In some cases, on the contrary, tenants need to install a new partition in order to receive additional isolated premises, turning the standard two-room apartment into a three-room apartment.

Very often, during redevelopment, a combination of the bathroom and its expansion is made.You can add meters to the bathroom by connecting part of the corridor to it. In this case, you have to move the plumbing to make the layout of the new bathroom comfortable.

In addition, in the extended bathroom, you can add an additional shower stall or replace it with an old bath. Connecting part of the corridor to the bathroom, you will have to take care of the waterproofing of the floor, as there are special requirements for the bathrooms.

Another common option for redevelopment is the device or the transfer of doorways. In some cases, you can get permission for the construction of a new opening and in the supporting wall. But such work is not allowed to be done independently, it should be done by specialists who have appropriate approvals.

When cutting the opening in the bearing wall, you cannot use a punch, since it is important to eliminate vibrations. Masters use a slotted cutter for this purpose, the diamond disks of which make it possible to obtain even edges of the opening, and during operation no significant noise and vibrations occur.

When planning redevelopment, it is necessary to think over everything in advance, since making any changes in the repair process will require additional permits, which will lead to a delay in the completion of work.

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