Red Square for the New Year 2019

Red Square for New Year 2019 will once again surprise with festive fun: a concert, animators, a skating rink, a fair, illumination, fireworks. Someone comes to the heart of the whole throne with the whole family to please the children with a “live” salute, someone with a cheerful company to join the common New Year party, someone in splendid isolation so as not to miss the holiday.


When the entrance to the square opens

The festive program begins annually at 22.00. But this does not mean that you can come in five minutes. There are very many people who want to get to the square and meet NG near the Spasskaya Tower. It should not be forgotten about safety, so it is better to err and drive up early.

Red Square for the New Year 2019

It should be remembered about the problem of parking and the inevitable walk from your favorite vehicle to Red Square. Directly on the way to the place of the holiday guests will be met by three cordons. Yes, yes, safety first. Polite law enforcement officers strongly recommend not to bring alcoholic beverages, including champagne, firecrackers, as well as other prohibited items. Tea / coffee in a thermos is not forbidden to bring, but without alcohol additives.Here you can choose: either libations at home at the festive table, or NG in the heart of Moscow.

According to reviews of the lucky ones, who had already met NG near GUM, the queue to the aisles is impressive, therefore, no matter how trite, but who did not have time ... But you shouldn't be upset that “in front of the nose” blocked the entrance. Yes, the area is huge, but wanting even more. Near Manezhnaya, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, where the New Year's fireworks are also fun and visible.

Concert time

It's funny, but at the “opening” the main thing is Santa Claus. Incendiary melodies, round dances, animators cheer the public before the concert of stars. The platform is located so that it is visible to many viewers. Additionally, huge screens are installed on the square, a concert is broadcast on them. Awesome design - laser illumination.

It is noteworthy that the rink also works on New Year’s Eve, however, only until 01.30. New Year's delicacies, tea, pastries - please, because the fair is near and the pavilions are open.

Memo for meeting NG in the heart of the capital

To stay on Red Square is not overshadowed by anything, you should consider:

  1. The weather. Yes, yes, it is better to dress warmly. Long stay at night in the frosty air will become comfortable if you dress accordingly.It will be enough to have a traditional winter set: a down-padded coat, warm shoes with a thick sole, a scarf, a hat, and mittens.
  2. Means of communication. Try to ensure that all family members do not forget mobile phones. You can get lost in a crowd at the moment, and cellular communication will help you to “find”.
  3. "Snack", as well as a thermos with tea, is more convenient to bring with you, so as not to wade through the crowd to the pavilions.

Red Square for the New Year 2019

New Year's Salute

Midnight is approaching. The broadcast begins the President’s speeches, the traditional chiming clock, under which wishes are made, and the New Year's fireworks. And the sky literally explodes with a scattering of bright lights.

New year has come. The fun on the square continues: shows, dances, congratulations of famous artists. And so on until 02.00. Whether the NG meeting on Red Square will be remembered for you personally depends on the festive mood. No efforts of the organizers will not be able to stir up the skeptic who came to look for flaws. Yes, the crowd, yes, all, but the magnificent illumination, a grand salute and a live concert compensate for the wait. The main thing to remember - the mood is everything. When you come to the square to have fun, then the line will seem not so long, and the weather is not so cold.No, then it is better to stay warm, watching TV, in splendid isolation.

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