Rave is the best that you can remember all your life!

Rave is a common name for major discos andparties based on electronic music. In a broader sense, this term is applied to the designation of a subculture, born at the turn of the century as one of the symbols of freedom.

Translated from English, "rave" literally means"rave, rage". And really, the main purpose of the disco is to let the young people completely relax, let out emotions, be liberated, reincarnate and in a good sense a little crazy.

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How it all began

If you really want to know whatthen raves, it's time to plunge into the distant 80's. It was then, in 1988, in London, a rave arose, in connection with the appearance of music clubs in the acid house. The first rave parties were organized illegally in abandoned buildings, warehouses, hangars, and even in the forest. The congregation of uncontrolled youth, loud music, drugs - all this, of course, caused a wave of outrage in society. The ravers were always persecuted by the authorities as malicious violators of public order and, of course, condemned by society.

However, all the forbidden has always been the mostattractive. And because the raves were considered something of a protest, opposing oneself to society. Finding a raver was pretty easy. The notion of "acidity" that appeared at the time was reflected in everything: acid music, clothing, accessories, make-up, hairdresses of unimaginable colors - all this distinguished ravers-pioneers. Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, drugs were far from the obligatory attributes of the raver.

Russian rave

russian rave

Soviet youth instantly reacted to thea new fashion trend, joining the rave culture in its very beginning. The most famous raves of the early 90's were the "Gagarin Party" and "Mobile", held in Moscow.

Nowadays rave is a phenomenon, characteristic,first of all, for the Northern capital. All significant events are held in St. Petersburg under the guidance of the Rosdance and KontrFors promo groups. The most famous among them are: "Workshop", "East Strike", MayDay, Sound Tropolis.

Rave today

Rave has united in itself such directions of music,As acid house, drum and bass, trance, hardstyle and electro. Today all these genres quite independently develop. And the time when young people had to prove their individuality, protesting against the rules established by society, long ago passed. Today's rave is, rather, a large-scale club party.

The most striking example of modern ravethe festival of electronic music "Kazantip" is considered. For the first time it was held in 2000 in the Crimea, near the village of Vesyoloy. Since then, it has been held annually, until 2013, near Evpatoria. The festival has won an incredible popularity among young people.

rave of the group

Incendiary psychedelic

Electronic music, so honorable in the environmentravers, is represented today by a multitude of styles and genres. But they are all related by one feature - the music is performed on electronic musical instruments - synthesizer, electric guitar, termenoksse ... Moreover, it can be "programmed" and used for recording only one computer.

The genres of electronic music today include:

  • the eminent;
  • breakbeat;
  • disco;
  • downtempo;
  • electro;
  • geridzh;
  • house;
  • high-energy;
  • industrial;
  • drum and bass;
  • electronics-rock;
  • trance;
  • techno.

This is far from all the directions in whichToday electronic music develops. However, it must be understood that raves are not evenings of listening to music, but incendiary in all senses, dance performances. Therefore, not all genres, even electronic music, are in demand among ravers.

There is an opinion that without drugsyoung people could not reach those conditions that are the result of a rave. However, as mentioned earlier, drugs do not serve as part of the ravers' philosophy. They themselves say that music is the main drug, and everything that helps them to be liberated is associated with it.

what does rave mean


Music - one of the most important components of the rave. It was she who served as the starting point in the birth of the new current.

The most famous performers in the west are steelThe Prodigy, Scooter, The Shamen, U 96, Grid, Westbam. It was these performers who managed to win recognition among such a difficult listener as ravers. Until now, former rave adherents are being put into a trance state by compositions of these groups.

As for the Russian rave, we are the brightest of allthere were such rave bands as "Cast-iron walker", "Bricks", Loc-Dog. Of course, a huge list of bands is not limited to these performers, but it is they who are noted by the rave fans of the 90s.

It seemed that in our day nothing can no longershock the public. But, as usual, development has no limits. A real shock in the community was caused by the modern rave band Little BIG. Charismatic participants simply could not leave the audience indifferent. The concept, with which the guys act, sounds like this: to destroy the crazy stereotypes of society. We must give the children due, they succeed 100%.

Rave is a subculture that has played a huge role in millions of fates. This alone shows that human nature can not be maimed by invented standards and templates.

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Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life Rave is the best that you can remember all your life