Rail Theory 2019

Rail Theory promises Resident Evil fourth level drive and Dark Souls style graphics, but much more realistic, modern, and beautiful.

Dark? Before the panic. Realistic? Quite to myself.

Adrenalinchik, even when passing through the base demo, which, of course, will change seven times to the release date, is poured by the scruff so long that it will be enough for a long time.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - RPG / Action
  • Setting - horror
  • Developer - Tryconic Studios
  • Publisher / Localizer - Tryconic Studios
  • Release date - 3 square meters. 2019

The summer of 2017, the project quite successfully spent on Kickstarter and now we have every reason to expect that the studio will not get out of the schedule and still scare us with its brainchild, in the literal sense of the word, in the second half of 2019.

Story line

If someone believed that the horror is a banal survivalist from the series “run somewhere in a panic where you are not beaten!”, Rail Theory is ready to disappoint with its ... thoughtful lore. Yes, even though the plot is well thought out - this is the last thing you expect from games of this style, here, despite the fact that you still have to run and panic pretty, it is and is at its best.

The story of the protagonist is the story of the last man alive on a distant planet somewhere in the depths of space. There was an expansion of a certain crystalline formation that infects everything around and revives the worst human nightmares.

Game world

rail theory system requirements

The map is an open world inhabited by randomly generated monsters, and here, unlike all other projects, the main location - the focus of all evil - is not, as there was not. The setting is very similar to the style of the 18-19 century, something from the Wild West, most likely, but with hellish destruction and specific attributes based on the features of the plot.

The project bestiary is nice for its uncomplicated classic horror movies. But, he tried to cover in general all the degrees of horror stories encountered in games and video production of this type, introducing us to different degrees of decomposition and mutation of zombies, sometimes with demons, whose appearance proves the perverted inventiveness of the authors, the elementals, then ... In general , to describe everything that can occur here is a thankless and too exhausting business.

Rail Theory Gameplay

rail theory 2019 plot

The fact that the game in 2019 is endowed with a classic level system is not misleading to anyone: the complexity is dynamic, very meticulously analyzing a variety of factors, including those related to the character's leveling, its current state, after which it adjusts everything that happens to it.

Moreover, the order in which the locations are traversed is in no way static - they can be shuffled with each other depending on which particular plot turn was chosen by the player.

Moreover, even the specifics of the shelters and the population of mobs of a particular locality change, based on the preferred style of combat - long-range or near.

rail theory 2019 game

With all the objects here you can closely interact. Moreover, the variability chip is reflected not only in this, but even in the fact that every mob and boss you meet here is endowed with absolutely random equipment, so that if it is difficult to pass a section, it makes no sense to waste it until it still does not work out - every time it will be here, as in sclerosis: “Nothing hurts and something new all the time.”

Moreover, if only one adversary was exposed to this ... The unpredictability of the teamwork of monsters here is capable of plunging even experienced gamers into confusion.

Another erected in the absolute know-how of the developers is the introduction of a very complex, multi-component system for demonstrating the states of the hero, so accurately reflecting the real physics of fights and human physiology, that you start to guess involuntarily who has a medical degree in luggage?

rail theory 2019 release date

Damage and damage done, the ability to dodge and block is calculated based on the combination of the characteristics of the armor, the hero's endurance, as well as the specifics of the damage. Each type of weapon causes a special damage, that is, if you are blown up with a blunt hammer, you will not feel at all as if you were stabbed with a knife with poison, even in the case of a totally identical demage.

Further - more: with each damage caused, the screen will not just be filled with the usual red mist, but will begin to tremble, making it difficult to hit the target and the accuracy of actions, and the speed of movement will steadily fall.

Graphics and music

The design of Rail Theory draws more than a gloomy picture.He immerses completely and completely into the atmosphere of pitch, hopeless horror, arranging such high-quality “boo” and entourage surprises every couple of minutes that you really believe: the creators do not just adore horror as a genre - they revel in it, inventing new horizons for its display .

rail theory review

It's not just dark here - you often have to wade, as if by touch, and you notice the enemy only when it is already getting late. The sound accompaniment is also appropriate here, and everything is heard, right down to the creaking floorboards and the crackling of fire in bonfires.

Well, and, of course, chilling wheezes, screams, uterine rumblings and other cute sounds made by mobs - all this is evident in the assortment.

System Requirements and Platforms

The list of platforms is still a mystery, as well as the approximate system requirements for the launch of this game. Well, it remains to hope that closer to the release date, developers will thank our patience with more detailed information.

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