Quiz for New 2019 with answers

For many people, the New Year is the most long-awaited and favorite holiday. To meet and celebrate it well, you need to think in advance all the details of the celebration - the venue, snacks, entertainment and competitions. Those who wish to have a fun and unforgettable New Year's Eve will be helped by a quiz with answers, which will be the main number for the New 2019 and a source of good mood.

The company celebrates New Year

Quizzes for the New Year 2019

When planning a New Year's holiday scenario, it is necessary to take into account the category of the audience, that is, guests and guests, so that each participant is comfortable and fun.

What is known about the symbol of the year

According to the Chinese calendar, the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar) will replace the Dog next year. Therefore, we should not forget this important fact and in drawing up the quiz for the New 2019, a variety of facts and interesting information about pigs should be applied.

In advance, you need to take care of the selection and purchase of prizes in the form of a symbol of this year.So each of the winners in memory will have a gift-a reminder of a good time.

Below is an example of a quiz with questions and answers about this animal, but if desired, they can be expanded and supplemented, because both children and adults can participate:

  1. Make trouble - put what? (Pig).
  2. Who is not a friend pig? (Goose).
  3. Female name, which is called a pig in folk tales in Russia (Khavronya).
  4. What will a pig find everywhere? (Mud).
  5. The name of the infectious inflammation of the parotid glands in children (Gilt).
  6. The name of the wild pig (wild boar).
  7. The neglectful name of a fat and awkward person (Hog).
  8. Baby pigs (Piglet).
  9. Fable Krylov I.A. ("Pig under the oak").
  10. The name of a rare and expensive gourmet mushroom, in the search for which the animal participates (Truffle).
  11. The name of the pig, friend of Winnie the Pooh, from the famous animated film (Piglet).
  12. The name of the pig from the TV program "Good night, kids" (Piggy).
  13. Which of the pigs from the Three Little Pigs fairy tale was the most intelligent and built a stone house? (Naf-Naf)
  14. What kind of meat do you need for cooking pork? (Pork).
  15. What famous Russian poet wrote the following lines:

Remember this is every son, know every child.

A pig will grow out of a son if the son is a pig.(Vladimir Mayakovsky).

Three piglets

For corporate party

If this celebration is in the circle of work colleagues, then the New Year quiz will allow you to cheerfully and actively celebrate the year 2019, rally the team and raise the team spirit. Questions for the competition can be from a wide variety of areas of science, science and other areas, and also relate directly to the history of the creation and operation of the enterprise. To make the contest fun and noisy, you can write questions in advance on small pieces of paper and mix them all in a hat or cap. All participants in turn take out their fant and read the task out loud.

To maintain the corporate image as gifts, you can prepare small souvenirs with the logo or emblem of the organization.

The main requirement for the format of tasks is a comic form, variety and Christmas theme:

  1. The main alcoholic attribute of the New Year's table. (Champagne).
  2. Beautiful wishes during the feast. (Toast).
  3. What is forbidden to do during the working day? (Sleep).
  4. What is difficult to raise in the morning of January 1? (Eyelids).
  5. The song, which is performed by actor Andrei Myagkov in the film “Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!”. ("If you have no aunt").
  6. The name of the concert, which is broadcast annually on television. ("Blue light").
  7. What comes after the New Year? (Hangover in the morning of January 1).
  8. Colleague snow woman. (Snowman).
  9. How did the Snow Maiden melt? (Jump over the fire).
  10. What color is the Winter Olympics or a fever? (White).

New Years corporate party

In the family

Celebrating the New Year with the whole family is a great opportunity to get closer to each other, to show attention and care for your close people, to spend unforgettable moments together. Questions on the quiz must be selected taking into account all age categories of family members, so that even the smallest can gladly give answers:

  1. The name of the city in Russia, which is considered the geographical place of residence of Santa Claus. (Great Ustyug).
  2. Where does the New Year's grandfather with the name of Baba Zhara live? (Cambodia).
  3. The most common salad New Year's menu in Russia. ("Olivie").
  4. In what country is there a custom to throw old things and furniture out of the house on New Year's Eve? (Italy).
  5. Areas where the first to celebrate New Year on the territory of the Russian Federation.(Kamchatka, Magadan).
  6. The city to whose inhabitants the holiday comes last. (Kaliningrad).
  7. What artist wrote the painting "Snow Maiden"? (Vasnetsov V.M.).
  8. The most popular New Year's film on the territory of the former USSR. ("Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!").
  9. Popular festive children's song. ("The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree").
  10. The name of the rolled rolls of colored paper of small size. (Serpentine).

Family celebrates New Year

For children

Children are always eagerly waiting for the New Year, because at this time incredible emotions, many interesting gifts and impressions await them. To prepare the tasks for the children's quiz, it is necessary to carefully select questions in order to enable all participants to express themselves in an intellectual battle:

  1. The main attribute of the holiday. (Christmas tree).
  2. Funny name of Santa Claus in Finland. (Joulupukki).
  3. Where is the New Year's Eve next to the palm trees? (Cuba).
  4. The name of the queen of snow and cold. (The Snow Queen).
  5. Mine spruce. (Forest).
  6. Dancing around the holiday tree. (Round dance).
  7. The forerunner of modern Santa Claus. (St Nicholas).
  8. Analogue of the domestic Santa Claus in the United States. (Santa Claus).
  9. Call the winter months in turn. (December January February).
  10. Where does Santa Claus keep gifts for kids? (In the bag).

Santa Claus with a bag of gifts

It is imperative to consider rewarding for all children, the promotion may be in the form of sweets, sweets, toys.

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