Quick and easy: 30 impressive ideas for your garden

Interesting ideas for your garden:

We bring to your attention a numberideas for your gardenthat will help him become more original and interesting:

  • Summer candlestick

Use garden peonies to decorate small candles. Such a simple decoration will look even more impressive if you put a candle in a glass a la margarita.

ideas for the garden


  •  New life of old tools

Another original idea for a garden with your own hands: tools that you no longer use can be used right on a flower bed. From several garden tools you get a great stand for climbing plants. This will surely add charm to your garden.

ideas for the garden


  •  Bright oasis

If space permits in the garden, an improvised awning for daytime rest will look great.

You can make a canopy with the help of an inverted and suspended round frame from the chair, and of course, bright curtains.

ideas for the garden


  •  The looking glass

Adding an optical illusion with a mirror is easy. This effect will add depth to your garden. Simply attach the mirror to the fence between the branches of the tree and watch as the space around doubles.

ideas for the garden


  • Change the viewing angle

Try to look at ordinary things from a different angle. So, the usual garden bucket can turn into an original stand for candles.

ideas for the garden


  • And once again a rarity!

An old garden spatula can add charm to your garden by making part of the handle of the gate.

ideas for the garden


  • Winter candle holders

Not all garden ideas are designed only for spring and summer, for example, using a simple plastic bottle and leaves that suit you in color you can easily make such lamps with your own hands. These lamps can meet guests on the way to the house, setting them up for a festive mood.

ideas for the garden


  • Hanging saucer

Such a saucer can act like a birdbath or serve as a grate for a winding vineyard. You can paint it according to the overall style of your garden.

ideas for the garden


  • Unusual bench

New life of an old bench as a stand for flowers. This bench is just the perfect place for plants in flower pots.

ideas for the garden


With the help of a flexible wire, you can create an unusual arch for climbers.

ideas for the garden


  • Installations from branches

With the help of dry twigs or koryag you can create small natural installations. For example, it can be a creative entrance to your garden.

ideas for the garden


  • Unusual table

Unusual table, made by hand, can be an original decoration for the garden. For example, in this photo, the outdoor container for plants serves as the basis for the table, and a round plate as the tabletop.

ideas for the garden


  • Decoration for gazebos

Decorative curtain lifts will find new life in the open air. Attach them to a hedge or pergola to guide the growth of grapes or climbing roses.

ideas for the garden


  • Decorate your hedge

Hanging bouquets are a great idea to make your hedge more lively or to decorate it with a garden party.

ideas for the garden


  • Make a hedge or gate

Creative solution - the creation of a living gate to the garden. For example, in this photo - a container on wheels.

ideas for the garden


  • Up!

Romantic idea: a charming hedge for climbing plants, assembled from just a few fence panels.

ideas for the garden


  • Texture

Antique furniture will add a special charm to your garden.The unusual decision in this case is “moss upholstery”, which will be the number one topic at your garden tea parties 🙂

ideas for the garden


  •  Lattices

In the garden decor I will look great all kinds of lattices. Antiques, ventilation grilles and others will add refinement to your garden.

ideas for the garden


  • Suspended fence

Such an unusual suspended fence can be considered not only as a basis for climbing plants, but also as part of the decor of your house or gazebo.

ideas for the garden


  • Fountain

Many gardeners believe that the fountain can become the center of the composition of your garden. And it is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose ...

ideas for the garden


  • Cheerful greeting

The garden does not have to be serious, especially during various events. Show the funny side of your garden by meeting guests with such colorful gloves on the fence.

ideas for the garden


  • Ocean of opportunity

Another creative idea for the garden - the original flower beds, painted in bright colors. You may decide to decorate them into unusual figurines that fit your garden. Do not forget that when painting you should use waterproof paint.

ideas for the garden

  • Crates

Unusual flower bed - a box attached to the leg of the bed.Cheap, and most importantly easy to do yourself!

ideas for the garden


  • Strokes and accents

Add some light strokes, such as this watering can on the hedge. This can be a kind of calling card of your garden.

ideas for the garden


  • Use of things for other purposes

Do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to use things that were originally created for a completely different use. How, for example, this umbrella stand - looks very organic as a holder for garden tools. Such unexpected finds will help your garden to stand out.

ideas for the garden


  • Beauty in simplicity

The simple design helps the garden appear more complex. A well-thought-out plan will help create a masterpiece in a small space.

ideas for the garden


  • Room in the garden

Make a simple canopy, using garden acrki and ordinary curtains. Here you can relax comfortably at a hot afternoon or gather for a small tea party.

ideas for the garden


  • Creative collection!

Your collectibles do not have to be dusting in a closet or lying under glass. Here's how in this case: both beautiful and practical

ideas for the garden


  • Hide not needed

In this case, we can not do without decorative garden covers.They will help to take out of sight, everything that does not fit into the overall concept of the garden, but it should be there.

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