We present you the newest development quartz heater warmer
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Quartz heater Warmer

Production of quartz heaters for heating in Minsk

Good afternoon, dear visitors of our page.

We are pleased to present you


quartz heater Warmer new generation.


Over the course of the year, we developed and carried out tests of the Tepley electric heater.

And now the moment came when we presented our development to consumers. Quartz heater Heat is a monolithic stove made of quartz and olivine sand. In the development process, we took into account the experience of other manufacturers, which gave us the opportunity to solve the problem of cracking the heater body. The raw materials used olivine is more than three times stronger than quartz sand, and as a result of its use there are no cracks in the body.

This is proven by the time and testing of our products in certified laboratories of the Republic of Belarus.

Great attention was paid to the design of quartz heaters Tepley, reproduced in our stoves elements of aluminum batteries used in water heating.Due to the ribs on the front of the heater, the radiated area is increased by 25%

Nowadays there are many different options for electric heating of houses, but they all have various disadvantages.

Applying maximum effort quartz heater warmer deprived of all the shortcomings of electric heaters.


Benefits of Quartz Heater


1. Quartz heater Heat consumes electricity at times less than all other analogues, which indicates an economical heating of your home. For comparison, the five heaters of the Heat are equal to one heater or oil heater in terms of power consumption.

2. Silent work. The heater of the Heat 100% works silently.

3. 100% environmentally friendly materials are used in the production of warmer quartz heaters.

4. Electrical safety class "0". Quartz heater The heat does not have a ground connection, which allows the heater to be used in all electrical networks.

5. Reliability of the quartz heater The heat has no boundaries. The high safety factor of the heating element guarantees a service life of at least 30 years.


What is a quartz heater warmer:

This is a monolithic plate made of olivine and quartz sand and a heating element. The heating element is securely insulated and is located inside our heater.


Quartz heater can be bought in Minsk at ul. Kulman, 3 office 318.

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