Quarantine in Perm 2019

This city is not very different from other regional centers of the country. It regularly exceeds the epidemiological threshold every year. What the coming year will be, time will tell. It is interesting, whether there will be a quarantine in Perm 2019. This question already now interests many residents of this city.


Probably, there wasn’t another year for quarantine schools to be closed in Perm. Let's try to figure out why this is happening.

Doctors say that the reason for this situation lies not so much in the influenza virus itself, as in the negligent attitude of the residents of the city to their health. This is especially true of children.

Quarantine in Perm 2019

As already noted, the incidence among school students in the winter period increases sharply after the children return to the educational process after the holidays.

The fact is that in their free time, children are mostly left to themselves. Parents go to work and do little to see where their child is and with whom he spends most of his time. Very often, their children communicate with their peers, whose health is in question. The parents of the children are also not particularly monitored by their parents.It turns out that in groups of children there are people who are not very healthy.

Children, who spend most of their time outdoors, often have wet feet. Hence the danger of hypothermia and diseases of colds. Unfortunately for the children, their parents did not immediately notice what was wrong and the children in such a state contacted with their peers for some time more, being sources of viruses.

Due to this negative situation, a large number of children become carriers of the infection. Runny nose and sneeze does not interfere with adolescents to communicate with each other. As a result, after returning to school, these children continue to be spreading the infection. With a high density of children, the infection quickly spreads through the school.

After some time, class leaders notice that fewer students come to classes because of the incidence of colds. When the number of sick students begins to exceed 25 percent, quarantine is announced at school. The massive closure of schools indicates that a flu epidemic has begun in the city.

Can I fix the situation?

Experts are sure that if the children were carefully monitored by their parents during the school holidays, there was no such situation. Very often, children with obvious signs of colds continue to go out and visit crowded places. There are often cases when children most of the time are in soaked shoes and poorly dressed. This is a direct path to colds.

But even having found the deterioration in the health of their children, parents are in no hurry to consult a doctor. They begin to first treat children with folk remedies. Thus, time is missed, and the disease becomes serious. Often, such cases are treated for much longer and with great effort.

Doctors do not cease to repeat that at the first symptoms of a cold, an urgent need to consult a doctor, especially since dangerous flu can lurk under the mask of a cold. The most threatening among them is swine flu, which in recent years has done a lot of grief. Until now, everyone remembers the deaths from this disease in our country.

If the population of Perm continues to be careless about the health of their children, the flu epidemics will continue to visit this city with all the ensuing consequences.To prevent this from happening, you need to listen to the advice of specialists and observe preventive measures to combat acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Quarantine in schools as prevention of acute respiratory infections and flu

Quarantine activities are held in schools in the city in order to prevent the spread of colds among students. As soon as it becomes known about the mass absence of students in schools, the management of educational institutions decides to quarantine schools.

Quarantine in Perm 2019. Latest News

Information about which schools are closed immediately goes to the higher authorities. There, from this time they begin to monitor the situation with the incidence in the region. If the situation does not improve, then the quarantine is extended for another few days. Information about whether or not to extend the quarantine, immediately goes to the media. The number of quarantine events and the latest news can be organized directly at the school, where your child will study.

For the period of quarantine, children are transferred to a distant type of education. They receive assignments from their teachers by telephone or via the Internet.During quarantine, children have a great opportunity to stay at home and eliminate the backlog in some subjects, if there is one.

Other preventive measures

In fact, school employees, along with medical professionals, should constantly work to inform students about how to behave during the flu epidemic and during school closure. Let's remember these recommendations a little:

  • During quarantine, students should limit attendance at public events. This applies to stadiums, swimming pools, various clubs, sports palaces, discos, etc.
  • Hands should be washed after each visit to the street.
  • You can also treat your nose with a solution of salt.
  • The room in which the child is most likely must be constantly ventilated.
  • It does not hurt to do it and regular wet cleaning.
  • During an epidemic, you need to carefully monitor the diet of children. Their menu should have enough vitamins, vegetables, fruits, natural juices.
  • Need more to be in the fresh air. This may be a leisurely walk through a snow-covered park.
  • If you have symptoms of colds, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only he can figure out what your child is sick.

How to distinguish a cold from flu

With a great similarity between these two diseases, you can find some differences:

ORZ: with this disease are characteristic:
  • runny nose;
  • sneeze;
  • cough;
  • lacrimation;
  • photophobia;
  • breaking joints;
  • headache;
  • gradual increase in temperature to 38 degrees;
  • general malaise and weakness.
Flu: has more pronounced symptoms. The temperature rises rapidly to 40-41 degrees. Completely inoperable with severe headache. Frequent cases of frustration and vomiting.

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